Review: Nacon Revolution Pro controller for PS4

The Nacon Revolution PS4 professional controller (not to be confused with a PS4 Pro controller, mind you) is a mess.

Review: Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is a greatest hits tour with Nintendo’s biggest star at the helm, delivered to fans in a

Review: Escape from Pleasure Planet

Captain Tycho Minogue is back for his second outing in Escape from Pleasure Planet, and developer Up Multimedia has come out

Review: Don Bradman Cricket 17

Don Bradman Cricket 17 builds upon its impressive debut last-generation with a greater emphasis on a deeper career mode, and

Review: The Crew’s “Calling All Units” DLC

Over the past few weeks I’ve been ploughing my way through The Crew. Actually, to say ‘ploughing’ is to suggest

Review: Robinson: The Journey

The best part about Robinson: The Journey is that it’s not a standard virtual reality experience that leaves you standing

Review: Pinball FX2’s “Bethesda Pinball” DLC

When it comes to video games, I have two loves: Pinball FX2 and Fallout. When I heard that Zen Studios,

Review: Super Mario Maker

Wii U Super Mario Maker represents another case of Nintendo trying something a little bit new. At this point, Mario

Review: 7th Dragon III Code: VFD

7th Dragon is one of those fairly popular Japanese RPGs that had managed to pass me by, and for good

Review: Eagle Flight

Virtual reality games need mandatory demos. Developers have not yet mastered techniques to avoid motion sickness and publishers are charging

Review: The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is a game that many had long forgotten. First announced as a PlayStation 3 title and spiritual successor

Review: Dead Rising 4

The Dead Rising series has never really appealed to me in the past. Its main turnoff was the time limit

Review: Steep

We’ve all seen the videos. You know the ones — beautiful people are frolicking around in rainforest waterfalls before sudden

First impressions: No Man’s Sky’s Foundation Update

Following all the controversy of the broken promises surrounding No Man’s Sky, Hello Games has emerged from its cave of

Review: Final Fantasy XV

There are some things that have just always BEEN, for as long as we remember. Static constants, never changing. Since

Review: Plantronics RIG 4VR

The aptly named RIG 4VR is Plantronics’ PlayStation VR-focused headset, offering 3D sound from a package designed to fit around