Plantronics RIG800HS: Review

Choosing a pair of headphones is as an important decision as choosing a car – albeit on a much smaller

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These days, it’s a good time to be a Dragon Quest fan. Last year brought us an excellent complete ground-up

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Guerrilla Games ends up doideng a lot of heavy lifting for Sony’s newest consoles. Killzone: Shadow Fall led a launch effort

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Microsoft’s Halo franchise, now under the control of 343 Industries is a juggernaut, spawning mobile twin-stick shooters and real-time strategy

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We’re about ready to turn out provisional For Honor review into an honest-to-goodness proper one, complete with score. A shooter-fighter hybrid, most

Sniper Elite 4: Review

A single shot rings out, echoing through the picturesque Italian valley. A muted thud soon follows; a lone tooth flies away

Nioh: Review

At first glance Nioh could easily be mistaken for Dark Souls. You’re constantly on guard, attention focused on the task at hand,

Review: Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

You will absolutely find Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World ridiculously adorable — even if you’ve already gone through the motions in

Review: Pinball FX2’s “Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” DLC

There aren’t many things more iconic than the Star Wars franchise. Zen Studios has done a very good job of

Review: Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is s a story of revenge, a battle of reason versus will and a question about birds.

Review: Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil franchise is like the bio-organic weapons it features: undead, constantly stumbling toward consumers even though it has

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Unsurprisingly given its title, Yakuza 0 is a deeply Japanese game. The latest in the long-running series from Sega, it

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Gravity Rush, the PS Vita system-seller turned PS4 remaster, has ditched the handheld realm altogether for a new, current-gen sequel. Gravity

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Alienware’s new 17 inch laptop is pretty great, but for two problems: its size and weight make it more of

Review: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

I’ll freely admit I had no idea what the hell a Tasmanian Tiger until at least five years into my

Review: Nacon Revolution Pro controller for PS4

The Nacon Revolution PS4 professional controller (not to be confused with a PS4 Pro controller, mind you) is a mess.