Review: Might & Magic X Legacy
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Review: Might & Magic X Legacy

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but in the case of Might & Magic X Legacy, maybe it’s time to teach the young dogs of today some ‘older’ tricks. This classic first-person style RPG from Ubisoft will take even the most nostalgic of gamers back to their younger days. Lending on storylines and lore from the Might & Magic universe, the game expands on the well-established Might & Magic world and adds to an untold storyline arc, but retains races and creatures familiar to fans.

The learning curve for Might & Magic X Legacy is not very steep at all. All one needs to do is take a little time to explore the menus and assign keyboard buttons to their preferred configuration for maximum comfort and enjoyment. This will ensure that you are able to assign ability points (when earned) to your team and put them in the best position to advance their skill traits. Players control a party of four characters, with all having at least some magical abilities, which is different from other RPG’s with dedicated magic wielders and arms bearers. Of course these characters will be customizable before the game starts. For those to eager to delve into the world of Ashan, preselected characters are also available from the get go. As with a majority of RPGs there will be a grind to promote the levels of your team members, allowing them to extend their skill set.


Spanning over four ‘Acts’, missions and quests are offered quite regularly and are not hard to acquire. Early missions are simple and set good grounds for future events, easing players in the requirements for the game Don’t be fooled though, as it is quite simple to jump in too deep too early, by stretching the areas you explore. Doing so can easily have you find yourself at the loading screen and clicking on the latest Autosave file, which generate mostly upon entry to dungeons, building and the like.

If you are looking for a fast paced, action packed RPG, then Legacy isn’t for you.  To some it may even seem a little slow, but the pace applies no pressure to the player. This allows them to explore cities and landscapes at their leisure. Enemies rarely appear out of nowhere, rather they appear as one would expect: from around corners and behind closed doors This takes the edge off exploration, although they will attack from all four sides if the opportunity arises.


The visuals on offer are nothing spectacular, but certainly set the mood for your gaming experience. Fans of the Might & Magic universe will catch glimpses of animations throughout the game found in the Heroes franchise.  A Crossbowman found in the first town encountered can be seen using his weapon like a pogo stick, just as they do in their ‘boredom animation’ while waiting for their attack turn in Heroes V and VI – this is bound to bring  a smile to the faces of the faithful.  Also on offer is ‘Retro Pixellation’, a setting to give your eyeballs a great shot of blocky nostalgia you can chose to revert back anytime you wish. One of the best bonuses about this game are that the system requirements for M&M Legacy aren’t very demanding and won’t exclude many PC owners at all.

Might and Magic X Legacy won’t be everyone’s first choice for an RPG, but it may be just the right style and pace to introduce a younger or less experienced gamer to and kick off their role play career, without having to have played the rest of the series.

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Damian Cavanagh

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