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Preview: Street Fighter X Tekken

Towards the end of my time at TGS, I realised I hadn’t managed to get my hands on some upcoming Vita titles. So, I ventured to the Vita section of Sony’s booth, waited in line, and promptly asked to play Soul Sacrifice. I was told it had closed for the day. So I asked after Assassins Creed: Liberation, and found that it too had closed for the day. So I thought — this is a good chance to play PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, but it was only available to play from the PS3 line.

As a last resort, and partly because I was floundering and there were people waiting behind me, I asked for Street Fighter X Tekken, and found it was available. Lucky it was, actually, as they also closed it after I asked.

And so it was that I found myself playing a Vita game that is very soon to be released. But I was still interested, as — having played both Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat on Vita — I know the system is well suited to versus fighting titles.

Unsurprisingly, I guess, Street Fighter X Tekken is another fantastic handheld port, it looks and plays well, and it seems that, much like those OTHER games I mentioned, everything has been carried over from its console brethren.

Given the short time I had to play, I only had a chance to use two characters, and had three bouts. Choosing one character I knew well, Ryu, and one I didn’t, Pac Man, I blasted my way through the first few rounds.

Pac Man plays very much like Mokujin, in fact, he looks very much like him as well, given that the Pacmeister is seated in a large, robotic… robot, shaped like Mokujin. As a result, he was fairly easy to use.

Ryu played exactly like Ryu – there’s not much else I can say – this is a Capcom game after all, and they know how to code for Ryu.

The character list itself weas MIGHTY – I’m unsure if the retail release will have all characters unlocked from the start, but this is how it was for me when I sat down to play.

Of course, the main problem I found was the usual Vita woes – the tiny thumbsticks and miniature buttons make for a slightly difficult experience at first, but a little perseverance usually overcomes this quickly. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have much time, as TGS had come to a close for the day, and we were being asked to leave.

That said, even with such a short play, I’m very keen to get my hands on it come October.

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