The Evil Within 2 Preview: Laughing in the face of Resident Evil 7

Intentional or not, the second chapter of The Evil Within 2 reads like a massive dig on Resident Evil 7,

Super Mario Odyssey Preview: Waggling all the way to the Moon

Stevivor’s had a second round with Super Mario Odyssey, shedding the uncanny valley of New Donk City for stylised gameplay

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Preview: Death on wheels

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus opens with protagonist BJ suffering from some serious injuries, making him completely reliant upon a wheelchair.

Sonic Forces Hands-on Preview: If it ain’t broke, break it

Sonic has struggled to find a place in the world since video games began incorporating the third dimension. It wasn’t

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Preview: A more intimate and relatable drama

Life is Strange: Before the Storm looks to deliver a more intimate character-driven story about the power of teenage girls

Metroid: Samus Returns Preview: Samus loves a challenge

Metroid: Samus Returns may very well be the first time a bunch of Nintendo fans will play Samus as she

Ark: Survival Evolved Preview: Ever expanding

The term “ambitious” gets thrown around a lot in the video game industry, but I can’t think of a title

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Preview: Epic fantasy and vendettas

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is one of my favourite games of the past few years. It organically blended the free running

Sonic Mania Preview: The Sonic game we’ve been waiting for

Sonic Mania could easily be mistaken for a 20-year-old game. On the surface, that’s exactly what it appears to be;

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Preview: This ain’t no kids game

Don’t let the cutesy Rabbids or the heart-warming Mario fool you – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is tough. Like,

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Preview: Who needs Nathan Drake?

With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, developer Naughty Dog proves it doesn’t need Nathan Drake to make a stellar action-adventure title.

God of War Preview: Cat’s in the Kratos

During a preview session at E3, I sat with Aaron Kaufman, Senior Community Strategist and Marketing Producer at Sony Santa Monica

Project CARS 2 Preview: Pedal (carefully) to the metal

Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios won’t let me capture gameplay from Project CARS 2 because I’m a terrible driver.

Spider-Man Preview: The ultimate partnership

The new Spider-Man title had a big presence at E3 this year. Sony and Insomniac Games are very confident that

Super Mario Odyssey Hands-on Preview: Hats off to possibilities

We haven’t seen an open world sandbox Mario since Super Mario Sunshine a whopping fifteen years ago. A game in this

Super Lucky’s Tale Preview: A nostalgic tale

Super Lucky’s Tale is a Microsoft-exclusive 3D platformer and celebration of past beloved platforming traditions. The developers at Playful grew