The Indoorsman Podcast 005: The alcohol strikes back
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The Indoorsman Podcast 005: The alcohol strikes back

Revenge of tequila.

The Indoorsman is your podcast guide to the great indoors.

Every week (probably), Stevivor Senior Editor Matt Gosper is joined by co-host Cliff to talk about various nerd nonsense (maybe) to entertain you (hopefully).

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After a night on the town celebrating Matt’s birthday, we’re back in the studio.

This week we sit in the dark, put a cool washcloth over our faces and speak quietly on the topics of: whether Last Guardians are worth waiting for, Spider-Trailers, Cliff’s general animosity towards the DC TV universe’s plot threads and the injustice of Australian release dates. Please listen to this one very quietly, we’re… Tired.

Spoiler timecodes

  • 32:06-36:36: Arrow spoilers
  • 36:36-39:00: Flash spoilers
  • 39:00-40:18: Legends spoilers
  • 40:18-41:42: More Flash spoilers!


Matt Gosper

Matt Gosper

aka Ponk – An Adelaide-based gay gamer who works for The Internet. Budding 'artist' and games-as-art believer, Writer of Things, and all-around geek. I'll beat you at Mario Kart, and lose to you in any shooter you can name.