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This week I managed to nab some time with Mindscape’s James Kozanecki (formerly of GameSpot AU). It cost me a lift to the airport but was well worth it as it meant we actually have an informed opinion on the show for a change :)

This week we talk about some of the GDC announcements including Remember Me, Tearaway, Puppateer and Rain;  we discuss news such as the PS3-Vita cross-buy incentive, SimCity Beta, Battlenet hacks and Resident Evil Stat Tracker site; and we cover all the announced or shifted release dates for big titles. I also take advantage of Koz’s presence and ask him a little about what he does and how he got into the industry. Unfortunately we were strapped for time and didn’t get around to detailing the games he was down to promote (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and PES) however Leo’s gonna write up an article covering that on the site… so you won’t miss out.

I do have one concern though… if Steve fired me for not watching the Batman movie I wonder what his response will be to what I say about Arkham City this week!

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Dave Haldane

Dave Haldane

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