Friendly Fire Cast 004: Severed torsos, our first R18+ game and RIP (already) Wii U?
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Friendly Fire Cast 004: Severed torsos, our first R18+ game and RIP (already) Wii U?

We’re back! Well, Steve and Ben are, at any rate. The Friendly Fire crew may have been halved for this episode of the podcast, but we’re still delivering 100% awesomeness… maybe even more!

This week, Ben and Steve discuss the many reasons why a severed torso is in bad taste, the newly announced Disney Infinity, 3DS ports coming to Xbox 360, more rumours surrounding next-gen console offerings from Sony and Microsoft, and much much more.

Oh, and for the record… here’s the creepy Nat Geo Quiz guy:


Not that we need to tell you, but he’s the guy on the far right. Meme away!

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Catch up on the news

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Secret Sound

Remember to listen to the secret sound at the end of the podcast and post what you think it is below (or email or tweet it to us).

The first person to get it right wins something awesome straight from the desks of Stevivor and MMGN staffers. Since someone guessed the sound from last week’s podcast (a bit late), Nat Geo Quiz is off the table… but we’ll find something else cool for you.

Steve Wright

Steve Wright

Steve's a Canadian-Australian gay gaming geek, freelance journalist, owner of this very site, ice hockey player and fan. Husband to Matt and cat dad to Wally.