Xbox Achievements are getting “fundamental changes” soon
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Xbox Achievements are getting “fundamental changes” soon

Good news and bad news.

Xbox Achievement hunters will be interested to know that “fundamental changes” are planned for the reward scheme.

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, speaking with Windows Central, said the current Achievement system caters to those who play a lot of games — after all, there are a total of 1,000 Gamerscore to be earned from most titles. The planned changes will consider those who play a small selection of games for many hours, or even a pro who is focused on one game and playing at a high level of skill.

“Somebody who only plays multiplayer in Halo 5 at a professional level, maybe they only have 2000 Gamerscore,” Ybarra said, “[but] you want to be able to celebrate that person.

“This person doesn’t play a lot of games, but they’re world top ten at Halo 5,” he continued. “We’re going to go big in the area of letting people show off and represent their gaming history and the type of gamer that they are, far more than we do with Gamerscore.”

The changes are meant to compliment the current Achievement system rather than replace it, Ybarra asserted.

What do you think of the proposed changes? We’ll let you know when more is known, including a changeover date if applicable.

In the meanwhile, this author and his 310,000 Gamerscore are going to go and have some quiet time. You can also read our feature with Stallion83, the first gamer in the world to hit 1,000,000 Gamescore.

Steve Wright

Steve Wright

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