Nintendo Switch: GameStop CEO teases motion controls

GameStop CEO, Paul Raines, may have just outed a Nintendo Switch feature ahead of the console’s further reveal in January.

Uncharted 4: Single-player DLC said to be revealed next month, focuses on Samuel Drake

Jaffameister cites a source inside Sony who alleges that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End‘s single-player DLC will be announced next

NBA 2K17: VR available today on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR

Update: NBA 2K17 virtual reality support has now been confirmed by 2K. The support is available on PS4 with PlayStation VR,

Pokémon Sun and Moon to be re-released on Nintendo Switch as Pokémon Stars

Eurogamer today reports that Nintendo is planning to re-release Pokémon Sun and Moon on Nintendo Switch, currently titled Pokémon Stars.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild likely to miss the Nintendo Switch’s March 2017 launch

Multiple reports suggest that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will not be ready in time for the launch

Telltale Games looks set to make a Guardians of the Galaxy game

Telltale Games’ first Marvel game looks to be Guardians of the Galaxy. A document released by SAG-AFTRA, the union responsible

Nintendo Switch: Toys R Us might have just outed the console’s price

The Canadian Toys R Us website may have just accidentally outed the price of the Nintendo Switch. As reported by

Ubisoft is in talks with Netflix to launch a television series

Reuters today reports that Ubisoft is in talks with Netflix to launch a television series. With a Rabbids Invasion television show already underway,

Nintendo Switch is likely to have 32GB of internal storage

Journalist Emily Rogers has taken to Twitter to allege that the Nintendo Switch will possess 32GB of internal storage.  

Overwatch: Sombra looks set for a BlizzCon reveal this week

We feel like we’ve said this at least fifty times by now, but here we go again: get ready for

Wii U: Production rumoured to end this week

Eurogamer today reports that Nintendo will end Wii U production this week. The site says Nintendo’s Japanese-based production line will be

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Do we know the title of Lara’s next adventure?

Shadow of the Tomb Raider has seemingly been outed by an Eidos Montréal employee riding the train. Redditor Tripleh280, took

Nintendo Switch said to sport 4GB of RAM

Journalist Emily Rogers cites sources who allege that the Nintendo Switch will sport 4GB of RAM. It was already known

Nintendo Switch reported to have a 720p, 6.2 inch touchscreen

Eurogamer today cites sources who allege that the Nintendo Switch supports a 720p, 6.2 inch touchscreen. A ten-point multi-touch display will

Red Dead: Rockstar Games takes to social media with a new tease

Rockstar Games has taken to social media with a tease most believe references a new Red Dead game. The tease itself?

Destiny: Get those Spinfoil hats on — two new potential secrets have reared their heads

The Destiny subreddit is on fire right now, with two potential in-game secrets being discussed by Guardians. The first theory details