2K Games removes XCOM shooter trailer, site from the internet

Here today, gone tomorrow; that’s where we find 2K Marin’s upcoming shooter XCOM. Several media outlets today reported that 2K Games

“Awakened” DLC for Dead Space 3 rumoured to launch 3 March

We’ve known that the first piece of DLC for Dead Space 3 – titled “Awakened” – has been coming for some time.

A new Batman: Arkham title is scheduled for release in 2013

Yahoo! Finance yesterday reported that Time Warner’s Q4 2012 earnings call has confirmed a new Batman: Arkham game will be

“Dragonborn” to be Skyrim’s next DLC?

Eurogamer has reported that an eager Bethesda forum member has pulled code from the latest Skyrim patch that hints at

Are Aussie devs porting another major title for Wii U?

Straight Right, the Melbourne based developer porting Mass Effect 3 over to the Wii U are rumoured to be working on

“God Mode” exploit in Diablo III?

The internet’s abuzz with discussion regarding a rumoured glitch that allows player to become invincible in Diablo III. Whilst glitches

343 working on Halo 2: Anniversary?

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK claims that 343 Industries, hot on the heels of their big success

A stripped down Xbox 360 to be released in 2013?

File this one straight under “rumour”, folks. According to anonymous blogger MS Nerd, via Reddit, the next hardware we’ll see