Nintendo Network on Wii U and 3DS provides for user accounts, DLC

Well, they’re a bit late to the party, but the new Nintendo Network is finally giving Mario fans the same

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: Special Edition announces Star Trek DLC

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: Special Edition kinda slipped by our radar, but this new piece of DLC sure

Kotaku says next Xbox will play blu-ray; won’t play used discs

Honestly? This is getting a bit ridiculous. Not one to be topped by IGN’s next-Xbox rumours, Kotaku has come out

After XBLA’s House Party, PC and PSN get Warp mid-March

We’ve previously posted on the release date of Warp as part of Xbox Live’s House Party, but developer Trapdoor has

Sony confirms Australian release of HMZT1 personal 3d viewer; pre-orders from 27 January

Sony Australia just announced that Australians will be able to pre-order its new personal 3D viewing device, cleverly titled the

Alan Wake released on PC in February; supports Steam and not GFWL

When Alan Wake hits the PC, it’ll be self-published by Remedy Games. What’s that mean, you ask? For starters, there’s

“No Hope Left” when Resident Evil 6 hits in November 2012

Guys, this news has just made my day. Those “No Hope Left” viral ads that have been reported around the

Quarrel coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade

Ignition Entertainment and Denki aren’t stopping at an iOS release of the hit game Quarrel, oh no. Get ready for

“Ryder White” DLC incoming for Dead Island

Get ready for some Dead Island DLC — and this time around, you’ll be playing as a bad guy. No,

EB Games sets December 2012 release date for The Last of Us

Naughty Dog fans, rejoice. Or, maybe just prepare to rejoice, just in case EB Games is wrong. The gaming retailer

Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition leaked

Well, Sega’s not confirming this yet, but it looks legit enough to us. CVG has obtained the above image, detailing

God of War IV outed by composer

Isn’t this how we’re getting all of our important game leaks these days? From composers or voice actors? We digress…

Readers’ Choice, Game of the Year 2011

UPDATE: After a day and a bit of voting, it looks like Need for Speed: The Run juuuuust squeaks by’s Game of the Year 2011

Well, we’ve spent all week going through our Game of the Year nominations and runners-up…and it’s all come down to’s Game of the Year 2011: #2

We’re getting down to the wire here, and as promised, our last two spots are tie-free. Mostly because they got

Nintendo fixes your broken Skyward Sword save in a roundabout way

Well, we’ve got to admit that it’s a lot more work than if the game was on, say, PS3 or