In memory of couch co-op

I was going to sit down and review Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, but instead I’m going to complain about

A stripped down Xbox 360 to be released in 2013?

File this one straight under “rumour”, folks. According to anonymous blogger MS Nerd, via Reddit, the next hardware we’ll see

Mass Effect 3 face import bug to be fixed in next patch

Well, if you’ve spent hours in Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 making the sexiest (or ugliest) Shepard you could,

Diablo III will be released 15 May

Well, there you go. Everyone will be able to play Diablo III on Mac or PC from 15 May. Blizzard

Bioshock: Infinite releases in Australia/New Zealand on 19 October

Bioshock fans, get ready for your latest fix when Bioshock: Infinite hits retails stores in Australia and New Zealand on

More details on the 3DS’ Kid Icarus: Uprising

Longtime Kid Icarus fans who’ve — for far too long — had to rely on Super Smash Bros. titles to

[CLOSED] Win an Xbox 360 or PS3 copy of NeverDead!

It’s back to basics with this contest, boys and girls! If you’d like to win a copy of NeverDead on

343 Industries explains the new-look Master Chief

We reported the other day on Master Chief’s new-look armour in the upcoming Halo 4. Yesterday, 343 Industries took to

An old Resident Evil GBA ROM? Yes, please!

Man, current or upcoming games are so mainstream! Embracing my new hipster Brunswick, VIC roots, I’m ditching those kinds of

Get Back to the Future Ep. 1 for free on iPad; the rest at a discounted price

Telltale Games have just published a blog advertising a free copy of the iPad version of Back to the Future

343 and Halo Waypoint to take over (some of?) Bungie’s Halo services from 31 March

It’s the end of an era. From 31 March 31 2012, all Halo-based services on Bungie’s will be discontinued.

The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 port hits Australia 17 April

Just a blip, really — but a notable one. We’ve finally got an official launch date for CD Projekt Red’s

Nintendo Network on Wii U and 3DS provides for user accounts, DLC

Well, they’re a bit late to the party, but the new Nintendo Network is finally giving Mario fans the same

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: Special Edition announces Star Trek DLC

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: Special Edition kinda slipped by our radar, but this new piece of DLC sure

Kotaku says next Xbox will play blu-ray; won’t play used discs

Honestly? This is getting a bit ridiculous. Not one to be topped by IGN’s next-Xbox rumours, Kotaku has come out

After XBLA’s House Party, PC and PSN get Warp mid-March

We’ve previously posted on the release date of Warp as part of Xbox Live’s House Party, but developer Trapdoor has