New info announced for Pokémon X and Y’s legendaries
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New info announced for Pokémon X and Y’s legendaries

A brand new trailer released for Pokémon X and Y by The Pokémon Company has shed some light on the legendaries in the game and revealed some new Pokémon for eager trainers to capture.

Xerneas has been revealed to be a Fairy-type and will battle with new move “Geomancy”. The new move unleashes a rainbow-coloured earth eruption. “Fairy Aura” is a special ability which gives additional power to other Fairy-types.

Yveltal is a Dark/Flying type and comes equipped with “Oblivion Wing” an aerial attack of red-light. It’s counterpoint to Fairy Aura is the special ability “Dark Aura”.

Three new Pokémon revealed to be in X and Y come October are;

  • Pangaro, (an evolution of Pancham) a Fighting/Dark type with the ability to predict the opponent’s moves;
  • Swirlix, a Fairy type that can learn the new Fairy type move “Draining Kiss”, when facing double or triple battles with opponents who have Hypnosis; and
  • Spritzee, a Fairy type that causes Pokémon who smell its alluring auroma to fall under a spell.

Pokémon X and Y are coming exclusively to 3DS 12 October.

Leo Stevenson

Leo Stevenson

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