Latest Xbox One update adds custom gamerpics, Mixer co-streaming and more
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Latest Xbox One update adds custom gamerpics, Mixer co-streaming and more

Time to get personal.

This month’s Xbox One update adds in a bunch of new features including custom gamerpics and Mixer co-streaming, Microsoft recently announced.

While customisation is neat, we like the idea of signing in with a controller that’s tied to your account.

The details, available in full on Major Nelson’s blog, are as follows:

  • Customisation: Users can now upload their own custom gamerpics, Club profile and Club background images. Major Nelson stressed that images must adhere to the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, so in short: no dicks. Please.
  • Mixer co-streaming: Up to four users can now co-stream via the Mixer tab on Xbox One. Users can be invited when a Mixer stream is started.
  • Finding Mixer streams in your Club: Your Club homepage now has its own Mixer tab, used to find streams from other Club members.
  • Signing into your Xbox from a linked controller: Users can now link a controller to their gamertag; when that controller is turned on, you’re signed in. Do so via Settings > Sign-in, Security… > This controller signs in.

Updates have also been made to Arena and iOS and Android app functionality.

The update is rolling out now.

Steve Wright

Steve Wright

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