StarCraft II WCS ANZ Season 4 Qualifier Recap: Part One

After the tumultuous twists and turns of Season 3, which culminated in a frenetic finals series between Sean ‘Probe’ Kempen

Overwatch League adds teams in London, Los Angeles

The Overwatch League grew by two teams yesterday, with new additions in London and Los Angeles. Joining the seven teams already

The 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship is now in full swing

The 2017 Call of Duty World League (CWL) Championship is now underway. Hosted at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida,

Overwatch: Blizzard is working on a better spectator mode

Blizzard is committed to creating easier ways for spectators to enjoy Overwatch eSports events, the developer recently confirmed. The biggest problem with Overwatch at

eSports may be featured at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris

A report from ESPN suggests eSports may be included at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Paris Olympic bid committee

Australia’s own League of Legends reality show accepting applications now

Australia’s about to get its own League of Legends reality TV series. Titled The Next Gamer, the YouTube series is sponsored by

OpTic Gaming takes out the Call of Duty World League Global Pro League Stage 2 playoffs

OpTic Gaming has emerged victorious in the Call of Duty World League Global Pro League Stage 2 playoffs. Hosted by

Injustice 2 gets gold, silver-tinted tournament shaders; proceeds support eSports, community events

Special gold tinted Tournament Skins are now on sale inside Injustice 2, developer NetherRealm confirmed. The skins are designed for eSports

The BBC is about to start airing live Street Fighter, CS:GO, Rocket League eSports coverage

The BBC has announced it will soon begin airing live eSports coverage via BBC Three. The station made the announcement

Players in the Overwatch League will earn at least $50,000 USD in its first year

Players in the Overwatch League will earn at least $50,000 USD a year, Blizzard today confirmed. In a post detailing salaries and

Melbourne eSports Bar GG EZ won’t have playable consoles on hand

Owner Lachlan McAllister has shed more light on Australia’s first eSports bar, GG EZ. The Melbourne-based bar is scheduled to

Halo 5 tournaments taking place at Microsoft Stores in USA, Australia and more

A number of grassroots Halo 5: Guardians tournaments will be hosted at Microsoft Stores around world, Microsoft recently announced. Spartans can expect

Overwatch World Cup, Sydney results: Australia, we’re all soldiers now

Team Australia proved dominant over the weekend in the Sydney leg of the Overwatch World Cup. Here are all the

Sydney’s leg of the Overwatch World Cup will be partly broadcast on 7mate

Australian free-to-air channel 7mate will air a portion of the Sydney leg of the Overwatch World Cup, it was today

Melbourne’s GG EZ will be Australia’s first eSports bar, opening in August

Australia’s first eSports bar will soon open in Melbourne, Good Food has recently reported. The bar, GG EZ, will be

Just Dance World Cup qualifiers start in early August

Ubisoft’s fourth annual edition Just Dance World Cup is about to begin, with players from the community facing off from 6