Bethesda offers Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Sweet Rolls in Sydney; the recipe to everyone else

Bethesda today advised that gamers will be able to grab The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s Sweet Rolls from any of Bourke

Nintendo Switch: Let’s be honest — this is how you’ll really use it

A second take on the Nintendo Switch shows more realistic representations of the home-console-yet-handheld out in the real world. Take

Destiny: Wrath of the Machine Raid beaten by a solo Guardian

Well, ScaRdrow’s making me feel like I’m crap at Destiny. While it took my usual Fireteam and I over three hours

Destiny: Bungie helps couple with an epic in-game wedding proposal

With a bunch of help from Bungie, Train Jam organiser Adriel Wallick used Destiny to propose to Vlambeer developer Rami

Nintendo Switch: The trailer’s just as good with Will Smith’s “Switch” too

I haven’t made my mind up about the Nintendo Switch yet (are those Joy-Cons made for Donald Trump’s teeny little

A Swedish retailer is already accepting Red Dead Redemption 2 pre-orders

Webhallen, a Swedish retailer, is already accepting pre-orders for Red Dead Redemption 2, even though we don’t know what Rockstar Games’

Donald Trump’s horrible qualities likened to the Overwatch teammate you never want to play with

Website Trump Isn’t a Team Player likens the U.S.A. Presidential candidate’s worst qualities to that of the Overwatch teammate you’d never want

Final Fantasy XV, Dead Rising want in on that Red Dead hype

That didn’t take long. Both Final Fantasy XV and Dead Rising have released new imagery that takes advantage of the hype surrounding Rockstar

Doom’s BFG really is… well, a BFG

Bethesda UK commissioned a 3D-printing firm to make a 1:1 scale reproduction of Doom‘s BFG, and the results are astonishing. As

Destiny: Phil Spencer can’t jump, just like the rest of us

I’ll admit it: I seized a once in a lifetime opportunity to have Phil Spencer sign my Xbox One. In

Titanfall 2 takes a swing at Call of Duty ahead of launch

Titanfall 2‘s Twitter account took a swing at Call of Duty over the weekend. A number of employees from Call of

Geralt of Rivia has been honoured with a stamp in Poland

Poland, the home of The Witcher, has honoured the series with a stamp featuring protagonist Geralt of Rivia. The official Poctza Polska

Ubisoft is having a great time celebrating its 30th anniversary

Ubisoft is keeping its 30th anniversary party rolling with another retrospective video and neat little website. First, a new #Ubi30

Bioshock: The Collection: This Aussie press kit is pretty swanky!

We’re really not the type of site that does unboxing videos, but since so many of you readers were impressed

The story of the Miami man who received an Xbox One prototype far ahead of launch

Business Insider has recently reported of a Miami man who received a prototype Xbox One far ahead of its availability. Twenty-five

PSA: Verified EB Games Australia social media accounts are the ones that co-opt memes

EB Games Australia recently took to Facebook to advise of an imposter account that was fooling users. Turns out, there