What’s creepier: Sony’s Yoshida at the Nintendo Switch reveal or the guy taking stealthily taking photos of him?

A Twitter user has shared photos of Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida taking part in Nintendo’s Switch reveal over the weekend… rather

Microsoft Australia’s latest gimmick is an Inflatable Xbox One S controller pool toy

The Microsoft Store Sydney today unveiled the Limited Edition Inflatable Xbox One S controller. The inflatable pool toy has two

Ben Heck’s just made an Xbox One S laptop

Ben Heck’s latest console-as-laptop is an Xbox One S model. You can check out the laptop in construction here: Almost

Forza Horizon 3: Xbox’s AceyBongos and The Grand Tour crew take on the Outback

The Grand Tour‘s James May has recently posted a video of the show’s hosts taking on none other than Forza Horizon

Overwatch was one of the most popular PornHub search terms of 2016

Blizzard’s Overwatch has secured an eleventh place finish in the list of PornHub’s most-searched terms of 2016. It should come as

Final Fantasy VII: This Buster Sword cake will deliver a critical hit to your stomach

Chef Ben Churchill has taken to Facebook with a recipe for a Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword chocolate cake. We’re sure

NieR Automata: No, its main protagonist doesn’t have a fully-rendered butthole

The internet has gone crazy of late, with many believing that 2B, the female-identifying android of NieR Automata, has an in-game, fully-rendered

Destiny: Man gets working Nerf Gjallarhorn for Christmas

So Redditor jagger393939‘s wife is the best person in the world. She hand-crafted a working Destiny Gjallarhorn — complete with sound effects and

Merry Christmas: Excited PS4 recipient gets mauled by startled cat under the tree

Trust a cat to ruin Christmas. Jessica Freeman took to Facebook to detail the pleasure and pain a PS4 can

This Witcher 3 cosplay calendar is (full of nipples, and) amazing

Maul Cosplay is offering up a Witcher 3 cosplay calendar which is nothing short of perfect. The calendar, self-professed as with a

Overwatch: These genderbent versions of Mercy, Tracer and more have something to get off their chests

Overwatch might have drawn some flak in the past for provocative heroines in compromising poses, but these new genderbent versions

This 18-person Aussie family shares one bathroom and one PS4

Sony Australia has today shared a video featuring the Bonells, an Australian family of eighteen. Watch as sixteen children and

Canada’s Prime Minster has released his first video game

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau (pictured above at Ubisoft Montréal), has today published his very own video game. In a

Overwatch: New map, Oasis, causing plenty of highway hijinks

Overwatch‘s newest map, Oasis, is available for play on the game’s Public Test Server, and already users are being decimated

Stevivor’s FFXIV Pre-PAX AUS Party and the console that almost got away

Stevivor’s Final Fantasy XIV Pre-PAX Australia was the talk of the town last month night, and ended in the best

Nintendo Switch: Does this streamer already have one? (Probably not.)

A video featuring a Twitch streamer with a Nintendo Switch console has been making the rounds today, though it’s more