Friday Diversion: Street Fighter: Church Edition

Tasteless or not, this video was just too good to pass up. Ever wonder what Street Fighter: Church Edition would

Friday diversion: Meet Nate Thomas, the over-sexualised male Tomb Raider

Now, apparently the guys at LazyGamer think this is awful (I’m not doing them the service of linking to their

Friday Diversion: What do YouTube users think of GTAV?

Ever wondered what the Internet thinks of Grand Theft Auto V? Ever wanted to venture deep into the Internet and be

Friday diversion: These Quake 3 bots learn that pacificism is the only way

A user of 4chan recently took to its forums to discuss an experiment he started and long-since had forgotten. Essentially,

Friday Diversion: Wait, what? The Normandy’s in Skyrim?

Now, we thought we’d finished reporting today, and then this fell on our lap. Thanks, Reddit! You can grab a