The Diversion: Halo 3’s last Easter egg found after 7 long years

After seven long years — and ironic, considering Bungie and their love of the number — Halo 3‘s last Easter

The Diversion: This GTA Online glitch allows you to walk on water

Grand Theft Auto Online players can now emulate Jesus and walk on water. The glitch, discovered by YouTube user Big Spaz,

The Diversion: This cosplay couple really puts same-sex relationships in Mass Effect

Look, I know this post is a bit of a stretch. The Gaily Grind initially reported it and didn’t even

The Diversion: Ken Levine thinks it’s “ironic” that Fox & Friends has ripped off the Bioshock Infinite logo

Ah, Elisabeth Hasslebeck. To think we once respected you as a contestant on Survivor: Australia. You’ve sure come a long way,

The Diversion: A scooter crash, Super Mario style

Guys, this is exactly what you need to watch this morning. Trust us. We’re sure the scooter driver is

The Diversion: This EA Sports UFC glitch sends players flying

Sure, UFC fighters may be hard as nails, but that doesn’t mean they can beat glitchy gravity. This funny glitch,

Google is awarding those who caught ’em all during April Fools Day

Remember the Google Maps April Fools joke that had us all searching for Pokémon within the app? Well, Google’s awarding

The Diversion: The best (unintentional) Titanfall evac ever

Two things come to mind when I watch this Titanfall clip. The first is how lucky this guy is. The second

NineMSN calls in the bomb squad over Watch Dogs PR campaign package

In what a NineMSN employee called “the other side of the line in terms of what it’s safe for a

Nintendo characters go gay for one another thanks to Last Week Tonight

Turnabout is fairplay, right? Even though Nintendo wasn’t trying to make social commentary on same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life, that’s

The Diversion: How to play Titanfall in couch co-op on a single screen

Guys, you’ve got Steve and MMGN‘s Ben Salter to thank for FINALLY unlocking the secret of single-screen couch co-op play

Super Mario Blockers puts an 8-bit theme on Melbourne roller derby in May

The South Sea Roller Derby is taking roller derby and giving it a Super Mario Bros. spin in early May with

26% of purchased Steam games go unplayed

Turns out, most of those Steam sales are too good to resist. Ars Technica has determined that 26% of games purchased

The Diversion: Friendly Fire Show turns 50 this week

Can you believe it’s been 50 episodes since this podcast began? Most doubted that we’d even make it past two

Google lets you catch Pokémon in today’s Google Maps update

Not one to be outdone by others on April Fools’ Day, Google has updated their popular Google Maps app on

The Diversion: Street Fighter X Breaking Bad

Recently posted on Capcom-Unity was a fan made animation which pits Ryu against Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. The video was created