The Diversion: This ALS Ice Bucket Challenge came from the moon

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Even video game characters are doing it now, you guys. Bungie got into the act

The Diversion: Pierce Brosnan versus Jimmy Fallon in N64’s GoldenEye

We can all have our own opinions on this, but Pierce Brosnan is my favourite James Bond. Roger Moore is

The Diversion: You can’t buy this Bulbasaur planter, but you sure can print it

Claudia Ng had the best idea ever for a Pokémon planter… so long as she didn’t actually reference Pokémon when

Yoshi’s actually T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas and Mario is a homo nintendonus

Twitter’s blown up today with scans of a 1993 Nintendo Character Guide. In the guide, it’s revealed that Yoshi’s full

The Diversion: Scientifically Accurate Sonic the Hedgehog is terrifying

FOX’s Animation Domination released a video called “Scientifically Accurate: Sonic the Hedgehog” and it’s the creepiest thing you’ll see all

The Diversion: An ATM gets hacked to play DOOM instead

Australian ingenuity has lead to an ATM being hacked to play id Software’s original DOOM. Great if you’re bored… bad if

The Diversion: Your penis must be this big to buy a PlayStation Vita

Well, okey-dokey. Kotaku today reports (via translation) that a new Japanese PlayStation Vita ad basically requires children to have a

The Diversion: Happy 50th birthday Ryu

The very first Street Fighter debuted in arcades in 1987, but series star Ryu was apparently born 21 July 1964. If

The Diversion: Star Wars is being made, shot-for-shot, in Minecraft

You think you’re a Star Wars fan? We figure Grahame ‘Paradise Decay’ Skeavington has you beat. Skeavington has spent three

The Diversion: Is Mass Effect’s Garrus making an appearance in Doctor Who?

Okay, so this is probably just a coincidence… but it’s still pretty awesome. Check out this screencap from a trailer

The Diversion: Halo 3’s last Easter egg found after 7 long years

After seven long years — and ironic, considering Bungie and their love of the number — Halo 3‘s last Easter

The Diversion: This GTA Online glitch allows you to walk on water

Grand Theft Auto Online players can now emulate Jesus and walk on water. The glitch, discovered by YouTube user Big Spaz,

The Diversion: This cosplay couple really puts same-sex relationships in Mass Effect

Look, I know this post is a bit of a stretch. The Gaily Grind initially reported it and didn’t even

The Diversion: Ken Levine thinks it’s “ironic” that Fox & Friends has ripped off the Bioshock Infinite logo

Ah, Elisabeth Hasslebeck. To think we once respected you as a contestant on Survivor: Australia. You’ve sure come a long way,

The Diversion: A scooter crash, Super Mario style

Guys, this is exactly what you need to watch this morning. Trust us. We’re sure the scooter driver is

The Diversion: This EA Sports UFC glitch sends players flying

Sure, UFC fighters may be hard as nails, but that doesn’t mean they can beat glitchy gravity. This funny glitch,