Microsoft’s hilarious internal Xbox One error message makes its way to the wild

Xbox One users were treated to a very peculiar Xbox One error message that was never supposed to leave the

Cancelled Rayman SNES game now playable via emulator

The Rayman SNES prototype is lost no more, after a game archivist has made it available as a ROM. Archivist and

Stallion83 prioritises sex over retention of the world’s highest Gamerscore

Ray ‘Stallion83’ Cox, the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s largest Gamerscore, has lost the title during his honeymoon.

Destiny’s Guardians plan to meet up in the Tower a day before it falls

Destiny’s Guardians are planning to meet up at the Tower the day before it falls in Destiny 2. With the launch

“World’s fastest Platinum Trophy game” pulled from the PlayStation Store

Indie title ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated, one that billed itself as the “World’s fastest Platinum Trophy game”, has been pulled from the

From E3 2017: One last drink at the Tower’s favourite watering hole

E3 2017. Long days, even longer nights and delicious, delicious hangovers. While I was waiting in my hotel lobby wishing

DiRT 4 pays homage to Twin Peaks with this neat little easter egg

A clever Redditor has realised DiRT 4‘s DiRT Academy is smack dab in the middle of Twin Peaks. The “place”, not

Dell is very excited about its Spider-Man: Homecoming product placement

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be laden with devices from the Inspiron gaming line, Dell today advised. “Collaborating both behind and in front

Threes: It took three years, but the game can be beaten

Just when you thought Threes was endless, someone’s gone and beaten it. ThreesPorn has taken to Twitter to share its accomplishment,

Mario does his best impression of Twin Peaks’ Killer BOB in new Super Mario Odyssey gameplay

New gameplay footage from Super Mario Odyssey can be used to prove that the adorable plumber is, in fact, a denizen of Twin

Overwatch’s voice actors doing their dance emotes IRL is the best thing to see before E3

Need a pick me up? Overwatch‘s voice actors have you COVERED. Watch below as a handful of the game’s actors drop the

This Pokédex full of Aussie Pokémon sure is grouse!

An amazing series of Australian Pokémon has been designed by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World pixel artist Paul Robertson. A whopping 151

Prey has already been beaten in under twenty minutes

Prey is a super complex game, but that hasn’t stopped speedrunners from finishing it in under twenty minutes. Twenty minutes,

Russian YouTuber may receive 3.5 years in jail for playing Pokémon Go in church

Russian YouTube Ruslan Sokolovsky is facing up to 3.5 years in jail after playing Pokémon Go in church. According to Reuters,

The Konami Code makes it rain on Bank of Canada’s new $10 note website

The Konami Code strikes again, this time on a new $10 note website hosted by the Bank of Canada. The

This MLB: The Show 17 glitch is the stuff of your worst nightmares

A horrifying bug from MLB: The Show 17 — thankfully already fixed — is one of the most horrific things we’ve