Review: Virginia

Virginia is one of those games that can, without sarcasm, be referred to as a ‘narrative experience’. Following a newly-recruited

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For years now Alienware has been one of the leading manufacturers in pre-built gaming computers, consistently offering quality rigs for those

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For the first time this generation, EA Sports can lay claim to a monumental transformation for the annual FIFA instalment

Review: World of Warcraft’s “Legion” expansion

Ahhh, World of Warcraft — the first, true hit MMORPG. The game everyone thinks of when the term MMO is even mentioned; the

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You might not have heard, but Forza Horizon 3 is set in Australia. That’s right, our very own land of

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If you’ve played a Bioshock game before, you know how good the franchise is. If not, you owe it to

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Despite being someone who loves gaming and absolutely loves music, I’ve always been behind the curve when it’s come to

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The world we live in is obsessed with nostalgia, remakes and reboots. Fortunately for JRPG fans, this trend presents a

Review: LucidSound LS30 Headphones

As a privileged guy with my own gaming space, it’s not often I have any concerns about being too noisy

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Another day, another Capcom re-release. This time it’s the Dead Rising Triple Bundle Pack, offering up the original Dead Rising, its sequel Dead Rising

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God Eater 2 is the latest in a trend of Japanese games being released for a western audience in an

Review in progress: The Tomorrow Children

Despite my dozens (and dozens) of readers (and despite how good I look in a moneyhat), you might be shocked

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In a world of a billion mice, I feel that you need to be a (digital) Pied Piper and gather

Review: Just Sing

Most of you probably would gravitate towards the SingStar franchise on PlayStation if we’re talking karaoke games, but not me

Review: ReCore

With its announcement at last year’s E3, ReCore instantly excited me over two key points: an interesting mechanic and a protagonist who

Review: NHL 17

You’d be forgiven if you skipped out on NHL 16 last year after the mess that was 15. Though you shouldn’t have —