Review: Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

The Attack on Titan universe is far from the nicest place around. Everything takes place around a hundred years after

Review: LG X-Boom Freestyler

The LG X-Boom Freestyler – or FH6 High Power All-In-One Speaker for you squares out there – has an bit

Review: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Warning: The following review contains some brief spoilers for 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution — but none for Deus Ex: Mankind

Review: Risk: Urban Assault

Risk in 2016 is probably not the Risk you remember. The alliance-heavy all night battles where a broken word could

Review: Worms W.M.D.

Worms is back and it is glorious. Team 17 has made this iteration of the franchise the way it should be

Review: Hitman

Prologue/Paris (16 March 2016) A fashion show full of the rich, the famous and the really, really ridiculously good looking.

Review: No Man’s Sky

It’s been a mighty challenge to avoid the massive hype train that is No Man’s Sky, pre- or post-release, but for

Review: Bound

Santa Monica Studio has brought a varied range of titles to PlayStation platforms over the years. Flower, Journey and Sound Shapes

Review: Battleship

I think for this particular review, I can skip the preamble where I introduce what the game is. If you’ve

Review: HyperX Cloud X gaming headset

Gaming headsets can be tough to master, but HyperX is no stranger to the challenge. For two years now it’s been pumping

Review: Zowie EC1-A gaming mouse

If you don’t follow PC tech closely then you may not have heard of Zowie, the little brother of BenQ.

Review: ABZÛ

ABZÛ is the latest experimental game to arrive on the PlayStation platform, and the first title released by Giant Squid

Review: Fallout 4’s “Vault-Tec Workshop” DLC

It’s not that Fallout 4’s latest DLC, “Vault-Tec” is bad, it’s just that it’s boring. As hell. The second last

Review: AntLion Audio ModMic

Many of us have spent a large amount of our time wearing headphones. A decent pair of cans plays a

Review: I Am Setsuna

I Am Setsuna is the newest RPG from Square Enix, developed by Tokyo RPG Factory. Despite the mass-production imagery this

Review: Disney Art Academy

Disney Art Academy has one goal in mind: to help you draw Disney characters. It smashes that ambition quite effectively. A drawing