Prey performance on PC: It runs like a dream

Prey is available from today, and while Arkane Studios last release, Dishonored 2, was a bit of a mess on the

Prey: Check out its timeline, in which JFK survived his assassination attempt

Prey features an alternate timeline in which John F. Kennedy, or JFK, survived his assassination attempt at the Grassy Knoll. Stevivor

Prey: Compare PC graphics options to that of Dishonored 2, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

Prey is available today, and Stevivor has compared its graphics options settings on PC to that of Dishonored 2 and Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Star Wars: Battlefront 2: Meet Iden Versio, the Imperial ‘hero’ of its single-player campaign

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to try to convert everybody to the Dark Side,” Mark Thompson, Creative Director at

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Mass Effect: Andromeda: Here’s the most rewarding gay romance in its entirety

Mass Effect: Andromeda is all about the boning. We made our Scott Ryder gay, and now bring to you the

In pictures: Nintendo Switch unboxing

It’s an exciting day at Stevivor — our Nintendo Switch has arrived! We’ll have a bunch of coverage in the

Resident Evil 7 discussion: Let’s delve into unsolved mysteries

We’ve gone through Resident Evil 7 four times ahead of our spoiler-free review, and we’re starting to feel like we know the game

PS4 Pro: Ben Heck’s recent teardown explains why there’s no 4K Blu-ray player

A recent episode of The Ben Heck Show is all about the PS4 Pro… and to a lesser extent, its

2016 in review: Stevivor’s top ten most viewed stories of the year

With 2016 coming to a close, we thought we’d cover the ten biggest stories on Stevivor as viewed by you,

Stevivor’s FFXIV Pre-PAX AUS Party and the console that almost got away

Stevivor’s Final Fantasy XIV Pre-PAX Australia was the talk of the town last month night, and ended in the best

In review: PAX AUS 2016

Another year of PAX AUS is behind us, providing a weekend full of games, parties and overpriced con-food. Whether you

PAX AUS: Watch Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb’s Storytime panel here

PAX AUS has come and gone, but its panels remain captured for posterity. What better panel to start showcasing but

REtrospective: Those Resident Evil live-action movies…

Celebrating 20 years of horror – in both the ‘survival’ and ‘action’ flavours – there’s no denying Resident Evil has

Watch 20 minutes of Titanfall 2’s single-player campaign

Titanfall 2 is back with the same multiplayer, and a proper single-player campaign. It tells the story of Militia rifleman-turned-pilot Jack

PS4 Slim: Watch as Ben Heck tears one apart

Ben Heck has deconstructed a PS4 Slim for your enjoyment. Watch as the custom console tech takes the newest PS4