In-depth at E3: Here’s how NHL 15 has been improved on Xbox One and PS4

Stevivor sat down with EA Sports’ Peter Sobczak, Producer on NHL 15, at this year’s E3 to discuss the changes

In-depth at E3: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

At the invitation of CD Projekt Red, Stevivor took part in a special Witcher 3: Wild Hunt presentation that picked

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Stevivor sat down for some hands-off time with the announced-at-E3 Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, a direct sequel

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At E3, Stevivor had the chance to sit down with Jason Sussman, Senior Environment Artist at Bungie, on the day

In-depth at E3: Here’s how multiplayer works within Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Speaking with Stevivor at a special E3 Halo briefing, 343’s Dan Ayoub detailed how multiplayer would work in the Halo:

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In our hands-on time with Far Cry 4, Ubisoft elaborated on how those without the game on PS4 will be

In-depth at E3: Steve meets Survivor: Australia’s Jerri Manthey

We know it’s not a video game thing (unless you count the old Survivor: Australia PC game as a playable

In-depth at E3: Without any work, Halo 4 on Xbox One is like “switching from DVD to Blu Ray on a really nice TV” compared to 360

At a special Halo information session held at E3 today, 343 Industries’ Dan Ayoub retold a story from Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor,

In-depth at E3: The Master Chief Collection’s Halo 2: Anniversary to include Terminals, Arbiter backstory

At a special Halo information session attended by Stevivor, 343’s Dan Ayoub confirmed that terminals, made popular in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on

In-depth at E3: Halo 5’s unnamed Spartan is Agent Locke, who’s backstory will be revealed in Halo: Nightfall

Halo 5: Guardians‘ mysterious Spartan has been named: Agent Locke. The character will be the main focus of Ridley Scott’s

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First Shinji Mikami and now this. Steve was fortunate enough to bump into Reading Rainbow host and Star Trek: The

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Last night at a fabulous Bethesda party, the Stevivor and MMGN crews — otherwise known as the Friendly Fire Show

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Its hard to put into words how exited I was to get a chance to sit in a room with

Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Easy money trick

Here’s an easy trick to earn some fast and easy bells in Animal Crossing: New Leaf… providing you’re not a