Star Trek: Bridge Crew: All PlayStation VR Trophies detailed

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is about to hit PC (Vive, Oculus Rift) and PS4 (PSVR), and we’ve a full listing of

The (Mass) Effect of Facial Expressions

Microsoft versus Sony, Battlefield versus Call of Duty and Forza versus Gran Turismo. These are some of the rivalries that

Twin Peaks and its influence on video games

Twin Peaks. Its impact upon popular culture is immense, from carefully plotted, serialised storytelling to cryptic references in other television

Prey’s latest patch offers up a new recycling glitch

Prey‘s latest patch, 1.02, has opened up a new wait to exploit recycling systems. The new glitch will take one

Why we think Destiny 2’s first Raid will be in the Tower

Since the Destiny 2 announcement trailer, I’ve been convinced I know where the first Raid will be held: the Tower. Nothing

How the episodic Dreamfall Chapters found its way to Xbox One, PS4 in its Final Cut

Dreamfall Chapters is now available in full on Xbox One and PS4, after a long and storied history that starts back

The one thing Injustice 2 needs: More victory poses

There’s no doubt that Injustice 2 is amazing. Sadly though, it’s severely lacking in one department: victory poses. I’ve decided my main

Injustice 2 story discussion: What did you think?

Injustice 2‘s story mode is insane, offering match ups of most of the DC Universe alongside some insane plot twists.

How many chapters are there in Injustice 2’s story mode?

MINOR SPOILER WARNING: There are some very minor spoilers below about Injustice 2 below. Nothing of real detail, mind you,

The Surge competition: Winners announced

The dust has settled, and we’ve three winners of our The Surge competition. Congratulations to the winners, listed below. Check your provided

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Get four Mega Stones with this code

Four Mega Stones are available for Pokémon Sun and Moon, allowing trainers to power up Pidgeot, Steelix, Heracross and Houndoom. The

Impulse Gear’s Seth Luisi on Farpoint, PlayStation VR’s sci-fi shooter

Steve Wright, Stevivor: This is a VR shooter, it’s not a shooter that has VR components. It probably wasn’t tacked on

How Xbox One and Windows 10 game refunds work on the Microsoft Store

In case you haven’t read Ben’s AFL Evolution review, we’ll summarise: don’t buy it. Sadly, I decided to take the plunge

WIN: One of three copies of The Surge on PS4

Thanks to the folks at Five Star Games and Focus Home Entertainment, Stevivor’s got three copies of The Surge on PS4 to give away

Prey crafting guide: Take advantage of this recycling exploit while you can

Users have found a recycling exploit within Prey that will surely be patched out as a matter of priority. The recycling exploit

Prey performance on PC: It runs like a dream

Prey is available from today, and while Arkane Studios last release, Dishonored 2, was a bit of a mess on the