Stop your bellyaching over the Xbox One

So, another day brings another couple bits of news about the Xbox One. In addition to taking an inside look

From PAX AUS: The Australian National Pokémon Tournament from a player’s perspective

Here at Stevivor we take our Pokémon seriously. When we heard about the very first Australian National Pokémon Championships being

In Payday 2, you can cook meth. Here’s why (we think) it still managed an R18+ rating in Australia.

Former editor of GameArena and self-professed* “lovable scamp” Joab Gilroy has posted a video from Payday 2 which shows his

How I lost faith in Final Fantasy

I’m losing faith in Final Fantasy. I have to admit, my history with the series isn’t as long as others’

Australia’s R18+ Rating: What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

It was only recently that the Australian Government introduced an R18+ rating to apply towards the classification of video games

The good-for-nothing console wars

With the recent announcements of both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, and with the E3 conference under a

Nintendo Direct? More like Nintendo Misdirect.

This isn’t going to win me any popularity contests, but I can’t possibly be the only person who was left

What we think of the new PlayStation Store

Yesterday, Sony Network Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment unveiled a completely redesigned PlayStation Store for the PS3 which now bears

If you bring a company to its knees, you shouldn’t remain as its CEO.

Now, I think the title of this opinion piece pretty much speaks for itself: if you’re the CEO of a

How I remembered what E3 is really about

It was day three of E3…or day four, if you were counting what I’d coined “the press conference day from

Putting the G(ame)RR in SWINGER, Baby, Yeah!

So, after EB Games got their misogyny on last week, releasing THAT video and making gamers look like douchebags; the

A human’s guide to EB Games not being sexist

Dear EB Games, “A Man’s Guide to Trading”? Featuring a nagging wife? Come on, guys. It’s 2011. It’s nearly 2012!