Why we think Destiny 2’s first Raid will be in the Tower

Since the Destiny 2 announcement trailer, I’ve been convinced I know where the first Raid will be held: the Tower. Nothing

The one thing Injustice 2 needs: More victory poses

There’s no doubt that Injustice 2 is amazing. Sadly though, it’s severely lacking in one department: victory poses. I’ve decided my main

Thank boring early access for the fury over Mass Effect: Andromeda’s animations

I can’t get over how much people are bitching over Mass Effect: Andromeda’s animations. Right or wrong, and wholly undeserving

Injustice 2: Is that Wally West as Kid Flash in the second story trailer?

Update 2: NetherRealm’s used a recent livestream to confirm that the character in yellow is indeed Reverse Flash. Sadface. Update: We’ve forgotten

Nintendo doesn’t look like it will detail Switch unknowns like Virtual Console before launch

Did anyone else optimistically assume Nintendo would dazzle with a Switch Virtual Console unveiling in a Direct prior to launch

Resident Evil 7: Should you play in VR or not?

Resident Evil 7 is now available, and those on PS4 with PlayStation VR can choose to dive headlong — and face

Nintendo Switch is too expensive, no matter how you spin it

Ever since Friday’s reveal of the Nintendo Switch’s launch date and price, gamers around the globe have taken to social

Everything we want Nintendo to reveal during its Switch presentation

After a small tease last year, Nintendo is finally ready to completely unveil Switch this week. Much of what is

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: Readers’ Choice 2016 Game of the Year

Our Readers’ Choice voting has finished, and Stevivor patrons have awarded Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Game of the Year 2016.

2016 in review: Stop hating on a harmless year and actually do something to fix the next

First off, this has hardly anything to do with gaming, but I’m the Editor-in-Chief of this site and, as such, I

Reader’s Choice: Stevivor’s Game of the Year 2016

We’ve weighed in with our GOTY entries, and now it’s time for our readers to have a say. Vote for

Game of the Year 2016: Stevivor staff picks

We’ve gone through the best games of 2016, but Stevivor staffers didn’t agree on everything. With that in mind, we

Wooden Spoons: The worst and most disappointing of 2016

Ah, our favourite part of Stevivor’s Game of the Year celebrations: the wooden spoons. Yep, plural. There’s a lot to

Dirt Rally & Forza Horizon 3: Best racing or sports Game(s) of the Year 2016

It’s the night before the night before Christmas, and all through Stevivor, we basically deferred to Nicholas on the best

Battlefield 1: Best shooter Game of the Year 2016

We’re near the end of our Game of the Year 2016 awards, so it’s time to bring out the big

XCOM 2: Best strategy Game of the Year 2016

2016 was a great year for puzzle and strategy games, but in the end, it’s hard to go past XCOM 2.