Overwatch: Inital impressions

A picture is worth a thousand words, and each image below uses every single one to tell of my frustration.

I can’t wait for Rockstar to come out of hiatus with its first true current-gen game

Red Dead 3, a new IP, the resurrection of Agent, or even a Grand Theft Auto sequel much sooner than

Nathan Drake being terrible at PS1 enables Uncharted to reach its full potential

Spoiler warning, boys and girls! This details content in the fourth chapter of Uncharted 4. Elena Fisher is a big gamer.

No Zelda and no NX make Nintendo fans go something, something

It was heart-breaking to be a Nintendo fan last week, with news the long-awaited next instalment in The Legend of

Classic games that we all want remastered

With the news that Call of Duty 4 will be remade, it got us thinking what games we would love

Is the PS4K Neo Sony’s attempt to sell 4K TVs and Ultra HD Blu-ray?

Rumours of a revised, more powerful PlayStation 4 mid-generation are gaining so much traction, it seems the announcement at (or

At first I hated The Division, but I’ll admit it’s really growing on me

Thomas Leo Clancy, Jr.’s The Division didn’t get off to a good start. Credit to Ubisoft for resolving the shambolic

Best of Virtual Console: Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow are still great on 3DS (but experience is essential)

Re-releases have become so prevalent I’ve become accustom to indifferently glancing in their direction and lethargically rolling my eyes, like

What the Nintendo NX needs to learn from the launches of PS4, Xbox One

This is not another article saying Nintendo is doomed. Far from it. In fact, this is an article from someone

Feminist Frequency ignores Batman’s many butts to make a point

A recent episode of Feminist Frequency introduces the concept of “strategic butt covering”, using the Batman: Arkham franchise as a prime

The cost of a dream: Being priced out of virtual reality

After three days of positivity today was the day Oculus dropped the hammer, attaching a $600 USD price point to

Why I’m back using Windows Phone or: No, I’ve not lost my mind

In an interview with a developer last week, I went through my usual routine: introduced myself, got my list of

Photoshopper decides female video game characters look more realistic as typical overweight Americans

A post on Bulimia.com has created waves across the internet, modifying familiar female video game characters to look more “realistic”. The

Nintendo’s lukewarm E3 was exactly what fans needed

I was praying for this year’s E3 to be a disaster for Nintendo. It wasn’t a complete shambles, but it

Why Bungie had to reward year one Guardians

If you’re still playing Destiny, it’s a safe bet to say you’re a super fan who’s devoted a ridiculous number of hours

E3 Wrap: Thursday

I might not be lucky enough to be over in Los Angeles like some of the Stevivor team, but I’m