Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t offer a virtual reality add-on

BioWare’s Michael Gamble, Producer on Mass Effect: Andromeda, told Stevivor that a virtual reality add-on isn’t planned for the game.

Prey: Arkane’s Seth Shain on the design of Talos 1’s mysterious aliens

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Prey has evolved through “happy accidents” caused by creative linking of systems and powers

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Halo Wars 2: Just like Cortana, its AI characters will need to worry about rampancy

Halo Wars 2 Narrative Director, Kevin Grace, has told Stevivor that artificial intelligence (AI) inside the real-time strategy isn’t immune

Dead Rising 4: Capcom Vancouver’s Joe Nickolls on why the timer’s been removed

Speaking with Stevivor, Capcom Vancouver’s Joe Nickolls elaborated on the decision making process that removed the countdown timer from Dead Rising

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Jordan Raskopoulos on Insert Coin, the YouTube comedy channel for gamers

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Sitting down with Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, I laid it out: I’m a Microsoft nut. I have a 290,000

Xbox’s Major Nelson: Games are “goddamn expensive in Australia”

At PAX AUS last weekend, Xbox’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb conceded that Australian pricing is “goddamn expensive”. “This is a

Xbox’s Major Nelson doesn’t use consoles in hotels anymore — he’s too busy critiquing rooms

Frequent games industry flyers are quite used to taking a console (or two) with them on the road, but not

Xbox’s Major Nelson: Custom controller Xbox Design Lab program still doesn’t have a launch date in Australia

Speaking with Stevivor, Xbox’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb confirmed that the Xbox Design Lab program has yet to be dated

Xbox’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb joins Stevivor for a chat at this year’s PAX AUS

Xbox’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb joined Stevivor’s Ben Salter and Steve Wright over PAX AUS this weekend to discuss our