Old Time Hockey’s Story mode: No difficulty changes planned, but more control schemes on the way

Old Time Hockey’s Karthik Venkateshan has told Stevivor the initial difficulty of the game’s Story mode “was a hard choice and an

The Elder Scrolls: Legends: No current plans to release on Xbox One, PS4 or Switch

The Elder Scrolls: Legends was today released globally on PC — and has a staggered release on iPad, Android and Mac

The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Dire Wolf Digital on lessons learned from the beta, its future and more

Stevivor recently sat down with the Paul Dennen, Creative Director and Lead Designer, and Scott Martins, President, of Dire Wolf

Old Time Hockey: Players have individual stats, but the overall team is more important

Old Time Hockey will feature players with their own stats, but team selection is ultimately more important, developer V7 told

Old Time Hockey has NHL 94-style cheesy goals

While developer V7 Entertainment says Old Time Hockey is more Slap Shot than NHL ’94, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking

Old Time Hockey wants to be more Slap Shot than NHL ’94

Despite a marketing campaign heavy on references to EA’s NHL ’94, V7 Entertainment’s Karthik Venkateshan told Stevivor that its game,

How “a Kiwi guy called Hugh” saved Horizon: Zero Dawn’s underground spaces

Speaking with Stevivor, Guerrilla Games’ Joel Eschler describes how a New Zealand developer named Hugh saved Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s underground

Horizon: Zero Dawn can be played using stealth or action “at any given moment”

Joel Eschler, Senior Producer at Guerrilla Games, seemed pretty comfortable when I told him Sony had called Horizon: Zero Dawn and

Horizon: Zero Dawn: Guerrilla also sees Aloy as a “PlayStation icon”, hopes to tell a “number of stories” in its world

Joel Eschler, Senior Producer at Guerrilla Games, told Stevivor that Horizon: Zero Dawn has been designed to cater to stealth

Video: 343’s Clay Jensen on Halo Wars 2

Stevivor sat down with 343 Industries’ Clay Jensen earlier in the week to discuss Halo Wars 2. In the video below,

Georgia Van Cuylenburg, Final Fantasy XIII’s Vanille, on internet abuse, voice acting via Twitch and Aussie representation

Georgia Van Cuylenburg is most well-known as the voice behind Final Fantasy XIII’s Oerba Dia Vanille. Much like Final Fantasy

Mass Effect: Andromeda: Bioware’s Mike Gamble on a lack of strict character classes

Speaking with BioWare’s Michael Gamble, Producer on Mass Effect: Andromeda, we discussed the move from strict classes to a more fluid

Mass Effect: Andromeda: Displeasure over Mass Effect 3’s ending hasn’t hung a cloud over development

Starting off a conversation with BioWare’s Michael Gamble about Mass Effect: Andromeda, I immediately landed a low blow, talking about fan reception

Prey: Arkane’s Seth Shain on hilarious, unexpected ways abilities can be chained

During our time at Arkane Studios in Austin, Stevivor heard some interesting stories of unexpected outcomes during the development stages

343 Industries: Halo Wars 2 shows the franchise’s renewed commitment to PC

Speaking with Stevivor, 343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross said that Halo Wars 2 signifies the franchise’s renewed commitment to PC and its players. “We want to

Mass Effect: Andromeda: BioWare on PS4 Pro, Scorpio and the likelihood of a Switch release

Speaking with Stevivor, BioWare’s Michael Gamble talked Mass Effect: Andromeda on current-gen systems, its PS4 Pro upgrades and the likelihood of