Resident Evil 7 demo: Get the Old Coin with ghost giggles and murder sites
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Resident Evil 7 demo: Get the Old Coin with ghost giggles and murder sites

Mystery solved.

We may already know what the true ending to Resident Evil 7’s demo is, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to uncover.

Turns out, the ghost giggles and murder sites we encountered in our play through are quite important. Finding them all will unlock an Old Coin that can be transferred from your demo save into Resident Evil 7 proper. Old Coins themselves are used to unlock and upgrade new weaponry — so they’re quite important.

You’ll be best off if you unlock each giggle and murder site one after the other. Best yet, that damn dummy finger and hand finally has a use!

Here’s how you can trigger the ghosts and their giggles:

First giggle and site

  • Giggle: After getting the blank notebook, head to the attic. Then go to the text written in blood on the rear wall. You should have an entry in your notebook now. Pick up the dummy hand while you’re there.
  • Murder site: Go downstairs and grab the dummy finger. Combine them to make the dummy hand. Point that hand at the fallen bookshelf near the front door until you hear an audio trigger. You’ll know you’ve “solved” the murder as you’ll receive a bloody handprint on the locked door near the attic message.

Second giggle and site

  • Giggle: It’s said this works best if you grab the bolt cutters first. This giggle is located down the dead-end hallway next to the attic. It’s the boarded up door over to the left.
  • Murder site: This the corpse in the body bag in the back of the basement monster room. For this, it’s best if you playthrough the demo and get the valve handle and the attic key first so the monster isn’t a problem. Don’t forget you need to point until you ear the audio clue! Wiggle the hand around a bit if needed.

Third giggle and site

  • Giggle: Look at the picture of the bagged lady on the stairs to trigger it. You may need to use the axe on the picture.
  • Murder site: This is the boarded up door in the cupboard under the stairs (Harry Potter style). Point away!

Fourth giggle and site

  • Giggle: Straight from the third site, head out the door and look at the mirror. Do a quick turn (left stick down & Circle).
  • Murder site: Head to the attic and point at the spot where two wires cross along the ceiling.

Fifth giggle and site

  • Giggle: It’s said this works under very specific conditions. First, get the back foot key and use it, but don’t use the door or you’ll be family’d. Then, go back in time using the VHS tape. Next, trigger a ghost in the VHS. She’s in a bunch of places, including the porch (as you enter the house), behind you as you’re in the first hallway, the kitchen window, the main stairs and more. Once you see her, complete the tape. If you didn’t see her, go through the tape again. Once certain you’ve seen the ghost, the giggle should trigger on a doll beside the body bags in the basement.
  • Murder site: The cooking pots on the kitchen stove. Eww.

The Old Coin

Time to escape! Head back to the attic and check out the bloody handprint door. With five prints, the door will open and reveal your prize.

Well done!

The Resident Evil 7 demo is available on PS4 now and will be available on Xbox One and PC later in the month. Remember to hunt for the coin in the version of the main game you’re planning on playing.

Steve Wright

Steve Wright

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