Mass Effect: Andromeda: Here’s what you keep in New Game Plus
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Mass Effect: Andromeda: Here’s what you keep in New Game Plus

All the good stuff, basically.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a huge game — it’s taken us 69 hours to complete — but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to start a New Game Plus at some point. We now know what carries over into your second playthrough.

To quality for New Game Plus, you’ll need to complete all of the game’s Priority Missions — that is, its core missions. Loyalty and Helius missions are not required (but they’re damn worth doing, so it’s probably best to mop them up too).

When you’re ready to start New Game Plus mode, here’s what you’ll keep:

  • Powers and Profiles
  • Your level and all Skill Points
  • Any non-mission items (minus those obtained in special missions)
  • Research Data
  • Credits
  • Romance data (you’ll need three complete romances across all playthroughs for an Achievement or Trophy)

Conversely, here’s what you’ll lose:

  • Special mission items
  • Mission progression
  • Narrative choices via missions
  • Cryo Pod Perks (AVP)
  • Codex entries

Mass Effect: Andromeda heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 this week. We reviewed the game here.

Steve Wright

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