How many chapters are there in For Honor’s single-player campaign?
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How many chapters are there in For Honor’s single-player campaign?

More than you may think.

For Honor has two main components: a single-player campaign alongside many multiplayer offerings. If you’d like to know how far you’ve gotten into its single-player content, we’ve got a spoiler free count of you.

In total, there are eighteen different chapters in For Honor: six for each faction.

On Normal difficulty, each chapter takes about twenty minutes to complete, though you may need longer to find all Observables and Destructables, or if you’re playing on a harder difficulty. On average, it’ll take 5.5 hours to complete the campaign.

Here’s a list of all the game’s chapters — MINOR SPOILERS BELOW!

For Honor chapters — Knights

  • 1-1: Warlords and Cowards
  • 1-2: And Stay Out!
  • 1-3: The Blackstone Legion
  • 1-4: Valkenheim in Winter
  • 1-5: Sabotage
  • 1-6: Wolves Among Sheep

For Honor chapters — Vikings

  • 2-1: Raiding the Raiders
  • 2-2: Viking Diplomacy
  • 2-3: Wood, Iron, and Steel
  • 2-4: Up the Beach
  • 2-5: Reconnaissance
  • 2-6: The Great Raid

For Honor chapters — Samurai

  • 3-1: Duty
  • 3-2: Thinning the Herd
  • 3-3: Picking up the Pieces
  • 3-4: Unity
  • 3-5: Honor
  • 3-6: Apollyon

There’s also an epilogue that follows.

For Honor is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We’ve started our review here.

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