How many episodes are there in Gravity Rush 2?
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How many episodes are there in Gravity Rush 2?

(Minor) spoilers ahead.

Spoiler warning: There are some very minor spoilers below about Gravity Rush 2. While there is nothing of detail about its story, we do divulge completion time and core episode names.

Gravity Rush 2 will soon be available on PS4, and ahead of this, we thought you’d enjoy a rough idea of how long its core story will take you.

All up, its 21 episodes — broken up over 3 chapters — took us just over 9 hours to complete.

After you’ve completed the main game, you’re placed in a fourth chapter for the purposes of cleaning up a total of 50+ side missions and challenges, so your play time can obviously go up from there.

Here are the names of each of the game’s core episodes.

Gravity Rush 2 episodes

  • 0. Into the Grey
  • 1. Sad Angel
  • 2. Lonely Request
  • 3. Trial and Passage
  • 4. A Dog Without a Collar
  • 5. Circles in the Water
  • 6. Separate Tables
  • 7. Wandering Heart
  • 8. Like a Radio
  • 9. And the Soldier’s Wife?
  • 10. Mo Messiah, No Message
  • 11. The Crowd
  • 12. Black Eagle
  • 13. Alone Again
  • 14. Carefree Gentleman
  • 15. Swallow in the Mirror
  • 16. Words, Words
  • 17. Road to Lonely
  • 18. Two Angels
  • 19. Dimmed Light
  • 20. How to Say Goodbye
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