Dark Souls III guide: Unlock the Mound-Maker Covenant
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Dark Souls III guide: Unlock the Mound-Maker Covenant

Collecting bits of spine is only normal in Dark Souls.

Dark Souls III is just around the corner, and we’ve got plenty of guides and tips to get you ready for launch.

We continue coverage with a quick guide to help unlock the Mound-Maker Covenant.

This can only be done if you haven’t killed the Curse-Rotted Greatwood boss. From the undead settlement bonfire run down through the building until you get to the raging party and take a right across the bridge. At the end of the bridge go right again rather than going in the door and clime up the ladder onto the a roof. Jump down and examine the blokes cage from behind. Now just talk to the NPC in the dirty pit and use a homeward bone when you’re done.

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