Australian video game releases: October 2016

It’s time, boys and girls — all the big games, all the time. Welcome to the holiday 2016 season. There’s

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Simply put, For Honor Creative Director Jason VandenBerghe just wants you to play his game. “One thing that for me

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For Honor: Creative Director Jason VandenBerghe on its changing meta

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Destiny: You can skip one of the bosses inside “Wrath of the Machines”

Clever Guardians have discovered a glitch that lets you completely bypass the Siege Engine portion of Destiny’s newest Raid. As seen

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Destiny: “Wrath of the Machine” Raid secret chest locations

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Destiny: “Wrath of the Machine” Raid guide: Archpriest Vosik

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Destiny: “Rise of Iron”: Need a map of The Plaguelands?

A new Patrol area in Destiny sure takes a while to get used to. Fair enough, you might be able to

Destiny: “Rise of Iron”: Plaguelands Patrol icons — Kill, Quarantine, Assassination and more — explained

Destiny‘s “Rise of Iron” expansion brings new quests, and some of those revolve around completing specific Patrol mission types in

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Destiny: “Rise of Iron”: Here’s how to get the Exotic Thorn

Destiny‘s newest expansion, “Rise of Iron”, is now available and with it comes new Exotic weaponry. In this guide, we’ll