Review: Kinect Sports

First impressions can be a bad thing – and the funny thing is in this case, I bet you’re guilty of the same thoughts I had as soon as I heard about Kinect Sports. Something along the lines of “it’ll

Review: Kinectimals

Have you always wanted to own a pet tiger, but didn’t want it clawing up your couch? Now you can with the aptly named Kinectimals, the animal simulator game for Kinect. I’m going to start with the obvious: Kinectimals is

Review: Dance Central

I moved the coffee table out of the way, made everyone else in the house leave, and drew the curtains for good measure – it was time to play Dance Central! Or, as I’d like to call it – “Try

Review: Fable III

Hitch up your pantaloons and grab your needlessly ornate sword: we’re going back to Albion for Lionhead Studios’s “Fable III”: the game series that combines action, role playing, world renowned British actors and chicken kicking. (The ‘Albion’ in question is

The Nintendo has its Wii. Sony, Move. Now, it’s Microsoft’s turn to rollout motion-controlled gaming to its fanbase with Kinect. Unlike Wii or Move, Kinect doesn’t require a user to handle any controllers at all – its collection of motion-sensing

Review: NHL 11

Just this week, a new season of NHL hockey has started, meaning it’s also time to get playing the latest edition in EA Sports’ ice hockey series, NHL 11. Good timing too, as I’m getting a bit sick of multiplayer

Review: Halo: Reach

I have just spent two days of one week playing a single video game, and it’s all Captain Canada’s fault. To explain: the game? Halo: Reach. Captain Canada? That’s my customised version of Reach‘s protagonist, Noble Six. During the last

I grew up with the old-school 80s Transformers cartoon, but I am by no means a hardcore fan who demands fan-service. I’ve seen the new movies, shuddered at most bits, and decided to skip the game adaptations. From what I’ve

Now, let me put this out there, front and centre: I don’t like Grand Theft Auto. Open world games don’t really appeal to me as I view them as time sinks. As far as games from GTA developer Rockstar go,

Review: Alan Wake

Like Stephen King? Twin Peaks? If so, you’ll love Alan Wake – the game ITSELF even tells you that! Quite literally, the words “Stephen King” are the first you’ll hear in the game and they immediately set the tone of

A video game series that focuses on movie trivia: it’s a (Cool) Shite reader’s wet dream. Previously published by Microsoft on the Xbox 360 platform with titles Lights, Camera, Action and Box Office Smash, the Scene It? series has branched

When you have a hankering to relive some old childhood memories and delve head-first into shiny nostalgia, who you gonna call? GAME IMPORTERS! Well, that’s if you live in a PAL-format country like Australia, and you play your video games

I am an Xbox 360 achievement whore. There’s no denying it; I literally spent my hard-earned cash on Avatar: The Burning Earth because I read you could get the full 1000 gamerscore for the game in five minutes. It proved

Keeping bias out of a review is hard enough work; harder still when tasked to review Resident Evil 5 whilst you consider yourself to be one of the world’s biggest Resident Evil fanboys. If you’ve ever dreamt of reading a