Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, a new title from FuelCell Games, was the Xbox LIVE Arcade’s “Winter of Arcade” entry that I was most looking forward to. The stark red-and-black aesthetic presented in all the trailers seemed crisp and stunning, and

When Pac-Man proved to be an arcade success, North American company Midway went and did what any money-hungry corporation would do: made an unauthorised sequel called Ms. Pac-Man. The gameplay was largely unchanged, save a few tweaks here or there

One of the first games I ever played on my Xbox 360 was Fallout 3. I’d never heard of the franchise before, but immediately, I was in love. How could you NOT instantly connect with your character, as he (or

Review: L.A. Noire

The hot: MotionScan? It’s awesome, I’ll give it that. Team Bondi (and to be fair, everyone associated with the game, credited or not), has done a brilliant job mapping real actors’ facial expressions to their in-game counterparts. I was worried

Just like Scene It before it, the cinephile in me made the idea of Yoostar 2 just too good to resist. Sadly, just like the latest instalment of what was my favourite movie trivia game, I should have. Yoostar 2

“What? A Ghostbusters arcade-style game I can play online with friends? This is amazing! I can’t wait!” If this is how you felt upon first hearing about Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, then stop reading now. Wrap yourself in a blanket

Mention Tron Legacy and you’ll have a look of pure bliss or utter disdain returned by the masses. At least we can all agree that the Daft Punk soundtrack was good, eh? I was firmly in the ‘loved it’ camp,

Review: Torchlight

Now that my fingers have recovered from the repetitive strain injury that was caused by this button masher of a game I can finally write my review. This fantasy-themed, action role-playing game has been causing early-onset arthritis since its successful

Nostalgia can go a long way, but it usually doesn’t commit someone to buy a canine and name him Cookie Masterson. What am I talking about? You Don’t Know JACK! Cast your mind back to the 1990s. Surely you remember

Review: Dead Space 2

Survival horror. Strategic dismemberment. Whatever you want to call the genre it’s slotted into, Dead Space 2 is here, it’s loud, in your face and ready to be reviewed. Let’s cut into it, shall we? Pun intended. The sequel to

Let’s face it – most of us bought our Kinect units to have different game play experiences. Dance Central and even Kinect Adventures are titles we’ve all played to death. I’ll admit was pleasantly surprised when I eventually got around

Review: Kinect Sports

First impressions can be a bad thing – and the funny thing is in this case, I bet you’re guilty of the same thoughts I had as soon as I heard about Kinect Sports. Something along the lines of “it’ll

Review: Kinectimals

Have you always wanted to own a pet tiger, but didn’t want it clawing up your couch? Now you can with the aptly named Kinectimals, the animal simulator game for Kinect. I’m going to start with the obvious: Kinectimals is

Review: Dance Central

I moved the coffee table out of the way, made everyone else in the house leave, and drew the curtains for good measure – it was time to play Dance Central! Or, as I’d like to call it – “Try

Review: Fable III

Hitch up your pantaloons and grab your needlessly ornate sword: we’re going back to Albion for Lionhead Studios’s “Fable III”: the game series that combines action, role playing, world renowned British actors and chicken kicking. (The ‘Albion’ in question is

The Nintendo has its Wii. Sony, Move. Now, it’s Microsoft’s turn to rollout motion-controlled gaming to its fanbase with Kinect. Unlike Wii or Move, Kinect doesn’t require a user to handle any controllers at all – its collection of motion-sensing