Nintendo Switch said to run 40% slower when away from docking station
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Nintendo Switch said to run 40% slower when away from docking station

So, mobile.

Digital Foundry today reports on the alleged processing speeds of the Nintendo Switch while docked and undocked. If true, the hybrid console will run 40% slower when in handheld, undocked mode.

The site, using multiple, anonymous sources, reports that CPU and memory controller speeds remain relatively constant, docked or not, but GPU speeds take a big hit when the console is in portable mode.

CPU-wise, dual Switch cores run at 1020MHz. The memory controller runs at 1600MHz whilst docked, and 1331MHz in mobile mode. The GPU, an underclocked Tegra X1, runs at 768MHz whilst docked and 307.2MHz as a handheld.

The reduction in GPU power might be an attempt to conserve battery whilst in handheld mode, the site notes.

“As things stand, a docked Switch features a GPU with 2.5x the power of the same unit running from battery,” Digital Foundry said.

Nintendo has yet to make comment on the rumours, though we don’t expect the publisher to. We’ll find out more on the Switch from Nintendo itself in mid-January.


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