A future where robots take the place of humans on the sporting field is inevitable. With worries over the long term effects of concussion and an ever growing wagering market built around professional sports, incorruptible, indestructible robots are clearly the

We’ve already taken a look at the PlayStation VR games heading to the platform on or around its launch this week, but now it’s time to take quick shots at titles coming a little further down the track. Shall we?

PlayStation VR hits store shelves (or doesn’t, thanks to pre-orders selling out shipments until early next year) this week, and we’ve hit up its launch library to do a quick evaluation of what’s on offer. 100ft Robot Golf No Goblin –

Review: XCOM 2

XCOM 2 lets you write epitaphs for your fallen soldiers. It also lets you extensively customise their appearance and give them detailed biographies, but it’s the epitaphs that are important here. One such fallen soldier, a balding, eyepatch toting Squaddie I named

EB Games Expo kicked off yesterday at Sydney’s Olympic Park, and PlayStation invited Stu and Luke along for an early look at what gamers can expect to see and play at their booth. Here are Luke and Stuart’s impressions of what

You might not have heard, but Forza Horizon 3 is set in Australia. That’s right, our very own land of football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars. While I can tell a Commodore from a Falcon and Skaifey from Lowndsey,

Despite my dozens (and dozens) of readers (and despite how good I look in a moneyhat), you might be shocked to learn that I have to supplement my games writing career with a 9-to-5 office job to make ends meet.

Review: Hue

The well of 2D puzzle platforming is just about tapped dry. Time manipulation, shape stacking, traversing terrifying nightmare-scapes as a young boy, being a marble — just about every combination has been tried and mostly delivered upon. I doubt Hue

Risk in 2016 is probably not the Risk you remember. The alliance-heavy all night battles where a broken word could end friendships or ruin a family holiday are gone; in their place is a less attritional structure where meeting goals

One Game at a Time is a long-standing mantra for sportsmen everywhere. It is sage advice on how to handle the stress of a long football season and an indicator of the maximum mental workload most footballers can handle. To

Preview: Worms W.M.D.

Worms may enjoy the occasional round of golf or pinball but there is only one area they really shine: turn based warfare. Worms W.M.D. is your father’s Worms, a classic turn based slugfest that tastes as smooth as the series’

From theme parks to suburban neighbourhoods, budding virtual architects of the last two decades have rarely had to deal with decisions heavier than where to place an ottoman or when to empty their bladder. Prison Architect removes the ladder from

E3 2016 Analysis: Electronic Arts | Bethesda | Microsoft | Ubisoft | Sony Sony has been on a generational victory lap since June 2013 but this year they literally played Microsoft off the stage with a combination of bombastic presentations, killer

E3 2016 Analysis: Electronic Arts | Bethesda | Microsoft | Ubisoft | Sony Ubisoft cops a lot of flak for the “Ubisoft Game”, an open world formula that Ubisoft titles have stuck to for the better part of a decade. Climb

E3 2016 Analysis: Electronic Arts | Bethesda | Microsoft | Ubisoft | Sony Microsoft has been attempting to shift the focus of this generation’s console war for 12 months now, from refusing the release hardware sales figures to the launch of

E3 2016 Analysis: Electronic Arts | Bethesda | Microsoft | Ubisoft | Sony Last year Bethesda used their showcase to debut Fallout 4, devoting half of the show to a live gameplay demo and various Fallout announcements. For something as big