The big Autumn Update for Rocket League may hit next week, but right now the Rocket League Championship Series is gaining speed after a solid warm-up last week. Week two of RLCS play was the week of the comeback, with

It was a huge week for Rocket League, with competition kicking off in season four of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) and the new “second division” Rivals Series (RLRS) in North America and Europe. North American results went by

Who says eSports is immune to the elements? Certainly not JAM Gaming, the top ranked Rocket League team in Oceania coming into this weekend’s ESL AU/NZ Rocket League Championship Finals. Cyclonic winds in Sydney saw JAM’s MontyConnor make a ten

The 2017 PAX Australia Indie Showcase winners have been revealed, chosen from nearly 100 submissions from Australia and New Zealand. Alumni of the PAX AIS include some of the biggest locally made games such as mind bending first person puzzler

As a proud New South Welshman I have gained a high tolerance for disappointment over the last 12 years. The feeling of being so near yet so far so many times is great preparation for being a fan of digital

One Game at a Time is a long-standing mantra for sportsmen everywhere. It is sage advice on how to handle the stress of a long football season and an indicator of the maximum mental workload most footballers can handle. To

Sony’s 2017 E3 press conference had an air of the familiar about it, spending plenty of time digging deeper into the big reveals it stole the show with in 2016. It is great to get an extended look at God

Ubisoft’s 2016 press conference felt like the last remnant of a bygone era; two long hours of celebrity guests and interviews, extended developer monologues, awkward dancing and one or two of the cringe moments E3 showcases had become famous for.

In its first two E3 showcases Bethesda has relied on an extended demo of its upcoming tentpole release to anchor the show. In 2015 that was Fallout 4, last year it was Dishonored 2. In 2017 that honour fell upon

Microsoft has made its opening arguments for Scorpio, now designated the Xbox One X. It was a solid sales pitch but one that did not immediately justify the $649 AUD price tag placed on the hardware. Microsoft is planning much

If E3 2016 was EA’s step up to the present of E3 press conferences, dropping all mention of mobile games and profit margins, 2017 was its step into the future. When companies have used the tagline “by the fans, for

I thought a good way to start this review would be to compare my Cities: Skylines creations to children. I care about them deeply, protect them from fire and crime, make sure they are educated, that their home is free from sewerage

Our Stevivor Game of the Year debate was lukewarm to the prospect of a winner in the “Best VR” category. There are some cool experiences and some really solid games available, but nothing that has those yet to buy a

Review: Eagle Flight

Virtual reality games need mandatory demos. Developers have not yet mastered techniques to avoid motion sickness and publishers are charging such a premium for VR games that throwing cash down for anything you aren’t 100% sure won’t leave you retching

It’s 2001 and I should be studying for the HSC advanced maths exam. I sit shoulder-to-shoulder with my study partners, hunched not over a textbook held together with masking tape learning quadratic equations but around a television playing Wacky Races,

One constant of the Carnival Games franchise is it embraces new methods of control. Carnival Games was there for the debut of Wii, Kinect and 3DS, the only new control scheme it shunned was the ill-fated Move. It shouldn’t be