Just like Scene It before it, the cinephile in me made the idea of Yoostar 2 just too good to resist. Sadly, just like the latest instalment of what was my favourite movie trivia game, I should have. Yoostar 2

Mention Tron Legacy and you’ll have a look of pure bliss or utter disdain returned by the masses. At least we can all agree that the Daft Punk soundtrack was good, eh? I was firmly in the ‘loved it’ camp,

Review: HTC HD7

As you may or may not be aware, I was lucky enough to review the HTC Mozart upon its arrival to Australia. I enjoyed it so much, it ended up replacing my trusty iPhone 4. Of COURSE I was going

Nostalgia can go a long way, but it usually doesn’t commit someone to buy a canine and name him Cookie Masterson. What am I talking about? You Don’t Know JACK! Cast your mind back to the 1990s. Surely you remember

Review: Dead Space 2

Survival horror. Strategic dismemberment. Whatever you want to call the genre it’s slotted into, Dead Space 2 is here, it’s loud, in your face and ready to be reviewed. Let’s cut into it, shall we? Pun intended. The sequel to

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Let’s face it – most of us bought our Kinect units to have different game play experiences. Dance Central and even Kinect Adventures are titles we’ve all played to death. I’ll admit was pleasantly surprised when I eventually got around

Review: Kinect Sports

First impressions can be a bad thing – and the funny thing is in this case, I bet you’re guilty of the same thoughts I had as soon as I heard about Kinect Sports. Something along the lines of “it’ll

I’ve spent the last week wracking my brain trying to think of an HTC Mozart recap; after all, two weeks isn’t a huge period of time. I’ve found my first impressions mostly match my feelings today. Let’s get into this,

Review: Flowerz

Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live games are miniature-sized, so they get miniature-sized reviews. Say goodbye to ‘meh’ – features are either cool or shite. First up: Flowerz by Carbonated Games. The cool: Like many other games on WP7, Flowerz is

As my 100,000+ gamerscore can attest, I’m a fairly hardcore Xbox Live gamer. Imagine my delight when I was told I got to test out the Windows Phone 7, in-built with Live integration! I won’t lie to you; I made

Note: I have been given a HTC Mozart with Windows 7 Phone by Telstra free of charge to review. The comments expressed by me reflect my own user experience and personal opinion and are not made on behalf of Telstra.

I don’t have my HTC 7 Mozart yet, but I’ve already started thinking about apps I desperately need…or at least, equivalent apps to take their place. I bet other WP7 Social Reviewers are in the same boat, so let’s try to help each other out.

Review: Dance Central

I moved the coffee table out of the way, made everyone else in the house leave, and drew the curtains for good measure – it was time to play Dance Central! Or, as I’d like to call it – “Try

The Nintendo has its Wii. Sony, Move. Now, it’s Microsoft’s turn to rollout motion-controlled gaming to its fanbase with Kinect. Unlike Wii or Move, Kinect doesn’t require a user to handle any controllers at all – its collection of motion-sensing

Review: NHL 11

Just this week, a new season of NHL hockey has started, meaning it’s also time to get playing the latest edition in EA Sports’ ice hockey series, NHL 11. Good timing too, as I’m getting a bit sick of multiplayer