Months after its release on Xbox One and PS4, Big Ant’s Don Bradman Cricket 17 is now available on Windows PC via Steam. You can check out the title’s Steam listing here. We reviewed the Xbox One version of DBC17, saying it

Injustice 2 received a fairly lengthy story trailer today alongside confirmation of editions and pre-order bonuses. First, the story-based trailer pits friend versus friend — and father versus son in the case of Batman and Robin: Next, NetherRealm confirmed the contents

Titanfall 2 developer Respawn has started to detail the game’s next update, even though a release date — or even its name — is still unknown. We do know the update will bring a new game mode called Live Fire —

A Twitter user has shared photos of Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida taking part in Nintendo’s Switch reveal over the weekend… rather stalkerishly. You can check the photos out below: @yosp 吉田先生 我們的switch好玩嗎? — 秒了个RED (@q759793343) January 14, 2017 Yoshida has

The Xbox One, Windows 10 Creators Update will bring big changes to the Xbox Guide button, Microsoft recently revealed. On Xbox One, the Guide button (aka, the Xbox logo) will bring up the left-hand focused guide in one press rather

Microsoft has announced it has acquired Simplygon, the company responsible for the 3D data optimisation toolkit of the same name. Simplygon is used by industry heavyweights Naughty Dog, Capcom, 2K, Epic Games, Bethesda, Rockstar, Ubisoft, CD Projekt RED, Nintendo,Bungie, PlatinumGames,Warner

Capcom today confirmed that Resident Evil 7 will receive free DLC outside its planned “Season Pass”. Stevivor was first made aware of free DLC via CVXFreak, who retweeted a Japanese account: Capcom Japan also confirming #RE7 free DLC this spring titles

Ever since Friday’s reveal of the Nintendo Switch’s launch date and price, gamers around the globe have taken to social media to argue for or against the product. I firmly believe in the Switch. I want it to succeed. I

Nintendo used its Treehouse livestream to confirm that two Joy-Con Grips will be available for the Nintendo Switch: one that charges your Joy-Cons when docked, and one that doesn’t. For the latter, you’ll have to lay down more cash. “There’s

Preview: Arms

I dismissed Arms as “the re-skinned version of Wii Sports’ Boxing” in my Switch hands-on preview, and I stand by that. It’s a drunken party game that you’ll occasionally bring out to show a friend. Actually, not even then — as it’s

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime has said that the Nintendo Switch will not be bundled with a game in an effort to keep costs down. “We look at every launch uniquely as to what’s the right thing to do for that launch.

The Microsoft Store Sydney today unveiled the Limited Edition Inflatable Xbox One S controller. The inflatable pool toy has two drink holders alongside two thumbsticks, though Microsoft was quick to advise that “the Limited Edition Giant Inflatable Xbox One S Controller

ZeniMax, the parent company of publisher Bethesda and developer id Software, will head to a Texas court in the coming weeks to prove Oculus VR has stolen, then destroyed VR trade secrets from it. ZeniMax filed its lawsuit back in

Nintendo has re-affirmed that there will be 2 million units shipped worldwide during the Nintendo Switch’s launch on 3 March. “What we’ve said publicly is that there will be 2 million units that will be shipped worldwide for the launch,

During Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream, it was revealed that Arms would not require motion controls to play. We’ve already described Arms as a “re-skinned version of Wii Sports’ Boxing.” The game has previously been shown with players using a Joy-Con in each hand, dodging and

Another Injustice 2 .gif has been released to the wild ahead of a reveal planned for tomorrow. This one’s a bit meatier, showing a fight between Supergirl and Wonder Woman. It joins earlier .gifs from yesterday. The Battle Rages On