Users on Reddit have discovered a secret message hidden within the Famicom Mini’s emulator code. Hidden message in the Famicom Mini emulator from nintendo “This is the hanafuda captain speaking. Launching emulation in 3..2..1. Many efforts, tears and countless hours

Updated story: EB’s allocation has already been sold out. Hope you got one! Original story: Our friends at Vooks today report that EB Games Australia once again has the NES Classic Mini in stock. If you’re still not over the fad, you

Showtime today confirmed a May release date for Twin Peaks’ third season. The 18-hour series will start with a two-hour episode on Sunday, 21 May. Showtime subscribers will also be able to watch the series’ third and fourth hours immediately

Not one, but two, hacking groups last week have figured out a way to sideload additional NES games to the NES Classic Mini. The hack — and make no mistake, that’s what it is — can be performed without the

First off, this has hardly anything to do with gaming, but I’m the Editor-in-Chief of this site and, as such, I get to indulge myself. All across the internet I see hate towards 2016. It’s an inanimate object, hardly deserving of

A Japanese trademark bot on Twitter has uncovered a new patent that suggests Nintendo will release a Super NES version of its popular NES Classic Mini device. Timed conveniently for Christmas, you can check out the bot’s find below: [商願2016-136902]商標:[画像]

The Nacon Revolution PS4 professional controller (not to be confused with a PS4 Pro controller, mind you) is a mess. Straight up, it’s an inferior third-party controller that tries — and fails — to be an Xbox One Elite controller.

PayPal UK took to Twitter today to confirm the dates of the next Steam sale. Expect the sale from 22 December. We've got the scoop on the @steam_games #WinterSale. Tweet to reveal the start date! — PayPal UK (@PayPalUK)

PtoPOnline has today shared footage from the Move-centric, PS3 version of Until Dawn. You can check out gameplay from Supermassive’s canned first attempt, a first-person title, below: What do you make of the above, especially compared to the version we had on

Warner Bros. Montreal, the team behind Batman: Arkham Origins, has reportedly scrapped a Suicide Squad game to focus instead on one with Batman’s sidekick (and son), Robin. Kotaku says WB Montreal had been working on Suicide Squad for close to two years before

Square Enix has today detailed plans for a 30th anniversary celebration for the Final Fantasy series next month in Tokyo. Held on 31 January 2017, the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary Opening Ceremony event will be held at the Roppongi Hills TOHO

Ars Technica reports that sales of the NES Classic Mini in the USA have totalled that of the Wii U over a six month period. Over November 2016, the NES Classic Mini sold 196,000 units, compared to 220,000 Wii U consoles between

Today’s sale in the Sony 12 Deals of Christmas is Grand Theft Auto V. Those wanting Rockstar’s newest GTA can grab it for $39.95 AUD, right here. We reviewed Grand Theft Auto V here.

Update: Resident Evil 7‘s PC demo is now available on Windows PC via Steam. Update: The Xbox One version of the demo is now available here in Australia. The PC version will be available from next week. Original story: While the Resident Evil 7 has

AFL Evolution developer Wicked Witch took to its Facebook page to further detail the game. First, the developer stressed that AFL Evolution has been “re built [sic] from the ground up” with Xbox One and PS4 in mind. Moreover, Wicked Witch confirmed

Stevivor’s GOTY 2016 awards continue this week, ahead of a chance for you, our readers, to weigh in. Today’s award goes to the best RPG of the year: Dark Souls III. The game that almost won our action-adventure title of