During my recent trip to the Wargaming head office in Minsk, I sat down with some of the team behind World of Tanks Blitz. I spoke with Team Lead, Stepan Drozd, and Program Manager, Stanislav Patskevich, and asked them how

The new Spider-Man title had a big presence at E3 this year. Sony and Insomniac Games are very confident that this is going to be an amazing Spider-Man game — but will it be the ultimate Spider-Man? Okay — maybe I need

Speaking with Assassin’s Creed: Origins‘ Game Director, Ashraf Ismail, Stevivor learned more about the game’s smart loot system. “The way that loot works is that there are some things that are given in a static way,” Ismail told Stevivor at E3.

We haven’t seen an open world sandbox Mario since Super Mario Sunshine a whopping fifteen years ago. A game in this style is so overdue that it’s easy to be excited about that fact alone, but thankfully, Odyssey promises to be so

The first stop in my three-day journey through Belarus was the Wargaming head office. Of their 4,000 employees, around 2,000 of them work out of the Minsk office and you can tell. This 16-story titan towers above the surrounding buildings.

While spending time in Wargaming’s Minsk head office, I had some time to speak with Alexander Bobko. He’s the head of the publisher’s Global Special Projects division and gets to do some incredible things. “We are focusing as a department

After a tour of the Wargaming recording studios, on the 16th and top floor of their Belarus headquarters, I noticed something a little unexpected. Of the eight separate studio rooms most featured little to no audio hardware. Sure there were

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Game Director Ashraf Ismail spoke to Stevivor at E3 2017 about the game’s new RPG elements. “This was one of the things we wanted to do very, very early on is we wanted our players to play in

E3 2017. Long days, even longer nights and delicious, delicious hangovers. While I was waiting in my hotel lobby wishing the bar was open — after all, what else is there to do while killing time waiting for your flight

I have spent a disgusting amount of time playing Destiny. This is a fact that I’m proud of in some circles… and also, something I won’t mention in certain company. There’s a stigma that follows the first game, and rightly

Valkyria Revolution is a new take on a beloved series, bringing back past games’ many tropes while introducing an action-focused, revamped battle system. I’m all for trying new things, but this is a misstep for the popular strategy franchise. While

While Far Cry 5‘s Dan Hay wouldn’t confirm if the nefarious honey badger will return to the franchise, he teased a new, small and mean animal. In fact, Hay calls it his “new favourite” animal. “I can’t tell you what

Ubisoft (surprisingly?) decided to give Assassin’s Creed a year off in 2016, giving the franchise some time to breathe. This couldn’t have come at a better time — people had clearly lost faith in each yearly iteration. By taking a

My first hands-on experience in The Crew 2 was a triathlon-style race, beginning as a street race in a car, then moving onto a speedboat on water and a stint in an airplane. This was an amazing way to show that

I’ll admit it: I was a skeptic when it came to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and rumours flying fast and furious over the past few months. I didn’t believe the game was in development, for starters, and I was against the

Speaking with Stevivor, Far Cry 5‘s Dan Hay detailed the game’s special Guns and Fangs for Hire characters. Thanks to the game’s marketing, we’ve already met three of those special NPCs — Grace, Nick and good boy Boomer. According to