Speaking with Stevivor, 343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross said that Halo Wars 2 signifies the franchise’s renewed commitment to PC and its players. “We want to be really deliberate, and that’s actually why we lead with Halo Wars 2,” Ross said of the franchise and its

Speaking with Stevivor, 343 Industries Kevin Grace explained just how Halo Wars 2 will fit into the larger Halo universe. “The Halo universe is a great big universe, and so Cortana is getting up to her shenanigans — galactically-threatening shenanigans — over

Halo Wars 2 Narrative Director, Kevin Grace, has told Stevivor that artificial intelligence (AI) inside the real-time strategy isn’t immune to rampancy. AI rampancy, in which a construct’s processes become too powerful and lead to endless, fatal feedback loops, is an

Stevivor recently sat down with Dave Smith, Art Director on Hangar 13’s Mafia III to discuss the look of the game… right down to its suit design bible. You read that right. Read on to find out the level of detail