I’m a massive fan of gaming console fitness games. I’ve tried them all, from the one that started the fad — Wii Fit — to one-shots like Zumba Fitness, UFC Trainer and Nike+ Kinect. When all is said done, my

Being a child of the early nineties, I grew up in a world where the biggest decision of my childhood life occurred in Professor Oak’s lab. Having not played since the days of Gold and Silver, I was immediately thrown

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is Nintendo’s most recent release for everyone’s favourite ‘shroom head, Mario. Once again, the forever-vulnerable Princess Peach has been abducted by the despicable Bowser, in what’s fast becoming Nintendo’s version of the never-ending story. Not

Every four years, the world comes together and competes for ultimate glory in an ever-expanding list of Olympic events. Each Summer Olympics also brings with it an attempt at creating a video game which recreates the incredible atmosphere of track

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64. The Gamecube version lost some of the game’s simplicity, but I’m happy to see that Mario Tennis Open on the Nintendo 3DS has pretty much returned to

As a fan of most sports-based games, I was pretty excited to try out Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. I have played golf in the past and do enjoy the occasional trip to the driving range, so I’m not a

Review: Rayman 3 HD

Have you heard the saying, “if it aint broke don’t fix it?” Well, surely that logically extrapolates to, “if it is broken, DO fix it.” If you mention Rayman to most members of the gaming community, the majority response would

Review: Mass Effect 3

BioWare’s back for the third installment of the Mass Effect franchise. Players who’ve been there from the start have grown attached to their own particular Commander Shepards, and with them, they’ll be fighting to stop impending doom at the hands

With the Australian Open just finishing, and now Davis Cup heating up, the release of Grand Slam Tennis 2 will undoubtedly be a popular one. What Grand Slam Tennis 2 brings to the table that no other game does is…*drum

As the 2012 tennis season gets going in Australia, I couldn’t be more ready for the release of EA’s Grand Slam Tennis 2. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until February for the full game to be released, but until then,

Not only is the Need for Speed franchise one of, if not THE most successful racing video game franchises of all time, it is also the first game that yours truly was ever addicted to. As a little seven-year-old, I

Review: Top Spin 4

As an avid tennis player and fan, I hold my breath each and every year and hope that a tennis game will be developed that is actually enjoyable. There have been some in the past that have been close, but

The only movie I’ve ever seen by myself was the Yu-Gi-Oh movie – and that’s because I was a rabid fan…but a lone one. No one would go with me! In the same vein, I was excited by the prospect

Anyone who has ever set foot in a real life arcade would undoubtedly be familiar with this kamikaze style of a corner smashing car racing game. The concept is simple: race around one of three tracks, either in championship, quick-race,

Review: Rivet

As a Mac-user in a household of only Apple products, owning an Xbox can sometimes be challenging. After seeing the amazing file-sharing capabilities of TVersity, I was crushed to discover that there was no equivalent for mac, until I stumbled

Review: Torchlight

Now that my fingers have recovered from the repetitive strain injury that was caused by this button masher of a game I can finally write my review. This fantasy-themed, action role-playing game has been causing early-onset arthritis since its successful