It’s been some time now since the gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer first dallied into the PC market with the original Razer Blade, a system aimed squarely at the high end of portable PC gaming. Since then Razer has unveiled Pros

PAX this year almost felt like a PC convention, with its bevy of peripheral and component companies displaying all the latest and greatest tech they had to offer. It’s a great time to be a PC gamer – when isn’t

Another year of PAX AUS is behind us, providing a weekend full of games, parties and overpriced con-food. Whether you spent the weekend wandering the expo floor, sitting in on panels or waiting for hours in line to just pick

Review: Hitman

Prologue/Paris (16 March 2016) A fashion show full of the rich, the famous and the really, really ridiculously good looking. Oh, and a contracted killer. Agent 47, the bald headed, barcoded assassin, is back. Developed once again by IO Interactive

For years now Alienware has been one of the leading manufacturers in pre-built gaming computers, consistently offering quality rigs for those who don’t want to go through the process of researching and constructing their own PC. Unfortunately, that quality has always

Ahhh, World of Warcraft — the first, true hit MMORPG. The game everyone thinks of when the term MMO is even mentioned; the stick by which all newcomers to the genre are measured. From way back in 2004 when adventurers first plunged into

It’s been a little over two weeks now since since the Burning Legion came crashing back into Azeroth, bringing with it the Broken Isles, a new class and whole lot more green. World of Warcraft’s “Legion” expansion is the sixth addition

Gaming headsets can be tough to master, but HyperX is no stranger to the challenge. For two years now it’s been pumping out high-quality headsets that have raked in awards. Its Cloud range of headsets in particular represent some of the best value

If you don’t follow PC tech closely then you may not have heard of Zowie, the little brother of BenQ. Founded back in 2008, Zowie is still one of the relatively young guns on the market but it’s fixed on the idea

When I first started my adventures in PC gaming, Logitech didn’t have the best reputation. Products were merely OK — not terribly reliable or desirable, and never best in class. Perceptions change of course, and Logitech has worked hard lately to

Astro Gaming have taken to E3 to reveal their all new update to the classic Astro A50. The new Astro A50 maintains the same wireless functionality the series is known for and now operates on the 5GHz band, reducing interference

Alienware has rolled out four new computers at E3 all of which are “VR-optimized”, timed perfectly for the brand’s 20th anniversary. The new systems are pretty much all making use of the newly announced Nvidia Pascal graphics cards and the

Plantronics has taken to E3 to announce three new products in their range of RIG headsets for Xbox One and PlayStation 4: the RIG 800, 400 and 600 series. The RIG 800 is the new flagship model with 24 hours of wireless battery life and models

If you’ve ever played a MOBA or spent any time in one of their communities you’ve probably at least heard of Razers’ Naga Hex. The extra thumb buttons on the mouse are super useful in MOBA gameplay, heck even I used

Bungie was as tight-lipped as ever during the reveal stream for Destiny’s”Rise of Iron” expansion overnight, teasing and suggesting rather than revealing all. While not much has been announced yet, here’s what we know about the story of “Rise of

Bungie took to Twitch in the wee hours of this morning to announce the new Destiny “Rise of Iron” expansion and break some potentially tragic news for players on last generation consoles: after “Rise of Iron” Destiny will be current