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Wargaming’s World of Tanks debuted on the PS4 on 20 January, and Stevivor had the chance to sit down with Lead Game Designer Jeff Gregg to discuss its latest version and ecosystem as well as plans for its future. World of Tanks is no

Ben, Leo, Shane and Steve are back with the first podcast of 2016! There’s lots to catch up on; here’s what to expect: What’s happening over at MMGN? 2:36 Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s “Season Pass”: 8:15 Assassin’s Creed Chronicles:

2015 was the year I actually started to like playing video games again. 2014 was a garbage year filled with re-releases and pretty average titles so it was east to be jaded, but 2015 proved to be just the medicine

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a JRPG with the ‘J’ in bold and underlined. It’s a massive game set in a sprawling world, but only the most dedicated players will be able to stay the course. Xenoblade has a lot to

Battlefield 4’s latest DLC — “Legacy Operations” — will be available free tomorrow for PC and current-gen. The pack contains remade versions of Battlefield 2’s Dragon Valley map and Battlefield 3’s Noshahr Canals. In addition to the new maps, the updated includes a

Developer id Software once made a PC port of Super Mario Bros 3. which Nintendo declined to produce, but led to the development of Commander Keen. Studio founder John Romero shared footage of the port on Twitter in honour of Commander Keen’s 25th anniversary. Happy 25th Birthday,

Fallout 4’s tie-in soft drink, Nuka Cola Quantum will be back in stock at Target in North America this week. Announced via Twitter, the drinks will cost $2.99 USD each or will be free for those who purchase an Xbox One

Early in November at the D23 Expo in Tokyo, Square Enix showed a trailer for Kingdom Hearts III behind closed doors, which has yet to be released to the public. A snippet of a Japanese TV show uploaded to YouTube features

Bandai Namco has released a trailer for upcoming Tekken 7: Fated Retribution and in it revealed that Street Fighter’s Akuma will be a playable character in the 3D fighter. The trailer shows Heihachi’s wife talking to a silhouette who is eventually revealed to be

Insomniac Games has announced it will be shutting down Outernauts on Android and iOS from early next year. First appearing in Facebook in 2012, Insomniac ported the title to mobile and has supported it for the past four years. However due to

Bungie has swiftly released a hotfix to fix some issues that arose in Destiny following December’s update. Guardians are now free to decrypt Exotic Leg Engrams and not worry that no item will be produced. Following the patch, Exotic Leg Engrams

Oculus will bundle in a copy of EVE: Valkyrie for free with every pre-order it announced today. Premiering first on Oculus, Valkyrie is a spin-off from MMO EVE: Online and focuses on the space combat aspects of the latter title. Oculus founder Palmer

Star Wars 1313 is still on people’s minds at LucasFilm, at least according to a new interview with Slashfilm. LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy brought up the cancelled title unprompted during the interview while being quizzed about Star Wars: Underworld. “And there was

Nintendo has once again teamed up with Mercedes Benz, but this time its for Super Mario Maker. A free level is now available in the creation title, dubbed Mercedes-Benz Jump’n’Drive, as an Event Course. Anyone who completes the course will unlock the Mercedes-Benz

Bethesda has opened a studio in Montreal set to work on console, PC and mobile titles. Bethesda’s Todd Howard said that the publisher has worked with developers in Montreal on previous projects and now was the time to create a

Destiny’s premium emotes, introduced as part of the micro-transactional Eververse Trading Company, are now dropping as Nightfall rewards. Redditor Axxx31, posting in the Destiny sub-Reddit, confirmed that a friend had received a Mystery Bag on completion of the Nightfall which is as described