Here’s a question. What do you get when you put four gamers together and ask them to play Dead Island Riptide together? Some of the most enjoyable and utterly hilarious gaming sessions you’ll ever partake in! Last week we had

If I’m honest, downloadable content for racing games is rarely ever exciting. Most of the time, you’ll only ever receive a small bundle of cars, perhaps even a track or two, but nothing that really keeps your interest. Recently, Electronic

Preview: Dead Space 3

Last week, we had the opportunity to get some hands-on with Dead Space 3, the latest instalment in the highly anticipated thriller franchise by Visceral Games. With a host of new gameplay features, an assembly of new (and existing) enemies,

The strength of the Mass Effect franchise has always relied on the utterly amazing and enthralling story of Commander Shepard and his fight against the Reapers. Aside from each of the three games being absolutely amazing in their own right,

Preview: Tomb Raider

By the time Tomb Raider is released in 2013, it will have been almost five years since the last major instalment in the franchise. During that time, we’ve seen two Uncharted games and four Assassin’s Creed titles released onto the market. Recently, I had

Review: F1 Race Stars

I sometimes approach a new Codemasters’ racing title with some form of scepticism.  While they’ve been responsible for some of this generation’s most enjoyable games (think Colin McRae DiRT, Race Driver GRID and F1 2012), they’ve also had a track

Review: 007 Legends

Despite the general success that the James Bond films have enjoyed over the past five decades, it seems that the video game tie-ins have never really done as well. Apart from GoldenEye 007, which was released a decade and a

When it comes to the Need For Speed franchise, there are two titles in particular that I’d love to see a sequel for -– Underground and Most Wanted. I was therefore elated at the announcement that Criterion were not only

Review: Forza Horizon

It’s always a risky decision when developers choose to take their well-established franchises down a new path. On the one hand, it’s an opportunity to re-invigorate the series and prevent it from becoming stale, but on the other, such a

For most, owning a Ferrari is a dream that few will ever fulfill. Fortunately for us, the company are absolute fiends when it comes to merchandising, so while you might not be able to afford one of their cars, you

Review: F1 2012

It’s been three years since Codemasters released F1 2010 and made Formula One a multi-platform video game franchise once again. While I’ve often had mixed views about recent Codemasters games, they’ve always treated the F1 franchise with the respect it

As most Australian gamers will know, this country is somewhat lacking when it comes to gaming expositions and conventions, to say the least. Recently, I attended the second annual EB Games Expo (the first real attempt at a large-scale gaming-based

Last Thursday we were fortunate enough to attend an exclusive Nintendo preview event before EB Expo started. While there, we were able to meet and interview Charles Martinet, the official voice of Mario himself! Let’s a go! The interview begins

To say I was a little excited when news broke at E3 2011 that Hitman: Absolution was in development is somewhat of an understatement. Having recently found a new level of respect for stealth-based action titles, it was great to

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is arguably one of my favourite titles in the franchise. It’s a game I’ve finished numerous times since it was originally released and a title I still reminisce about from time to time. Last week

Despite the fact the franchise has been around for almost two decades, Rayman is a character I’ve never really come across in the past. Recently however I checked out the latest instalment in the Rayman series, Rayman: Jungle Run for