Pokémon Sun and Moon are now available for pre-load on the Australian version of the Nintendo eShop. Yes, you read that correctly. Aussies are able to purchase and download the 3GB 3DS game just like our American and European cousins. Moreover, Dishonored 2

Destiny’s Wrath of the Machine Raid has its first challenge: Vosik Challenge. Now live, it requires you to activate all safe rooms with Siva Charges in your second encounter with Vosik. Thankfully, that’s it. You’re able to defeat Vosik any

Driveclub‘s final update will add 15 tracks from Driveclub VR into the core game. “Thanks for your commitment,” the now-shuttered Evolution Studios said to fans as part of the final patch notes. “Farewell and enjoy the game!” The update weighs in at

There are two types of people who played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: those who loved Gwent and those who are wrong. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game picks up where The Witcher 3 left off, making a few changes and

Despite Titanfall 2 not meeting launch week sales expectations, developer Respawn is confident of the game’s success. “When you care about what other games [such as Battlefield 1, available just before Titanfall 2] are doing, when they’re releasing [, you worry],” Respawn’s

In a highly connected modern world, the fear of omnipresent surveillance is becoming a bigger and bigger concern. With the capacity to track our browsing histories, track purchases, listen in on communications and keep tabs on our location, a lot

Digital Foundry has called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition a “night and day improvement” over its last-gen counterparts. The site confirms current-gen console versions of Skyrim run at 1080p and 30 frames per second (fps), comparable to the original game, maxed-out,

Sitting down with Phil Spencer last month in Sydney, the Head of Xbox discussed where virtual reality sits in his plan for both Xbox One and Windows PC gaming. “I don’t know, just to be honest,” Spencer began. “I love

EA has once again found itself in hot water after bizarre tweets dealing with Battlefield 1. This time around, it’s a series of tweets from the Battlefield account itself, all with the hashtag #justWWIthings. Shacknews captured a couple images of tweets

It’s Halloween over in North America, and to celebrate, Dead Rising 4′s Frank West is making weapons. Happy Combo-ween! What’d you think of his weapons of mass destruction? Dead Rising 4 heads to Windows PC and Xbox one in December. Stay tuned

DICE has told Battlefield 1 players it’s aware that a quit button is in high demand, but simply isn’t possible. At the end of a match, Battlefield 1 starts loading the next map in the  background while showing stats. It’s for

Last week, Blizzard’s Scott Mercer took to Battle.net to detail Overwatch‘s third competitive season. In a change to proceedings, players will not completely lose last season’s ranking. When starting season three, rankings will be bestowed that are slightly below a player’s

DigitalFoundry has compared the current-gen remaster of Batman: Arkham City against its original PC release (maxed out, of course). You can see the results below: The remasters use Unreal 3 as opposed to Unreal 4, as opposed to lighting, skin shading