A mod has brought R. Mika’s butt-slap back to Street Fighter V on PC. Thing is, the move’s not just for that one particular character. First, CENAWINSLOL has brought the move back by replacing some retail files with their beta equivalents. It

Another new month, another new batch of games to play. Basically, this is Nintendo month. Here’s what’s on offer over March 2016*: Stella Glow Wednesday, 3 February 2016 3DS The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Saturday, 5 March 2016 Wii U

Thanks to Village Roadshow, we’ve got three DVDs of Luther’s season 4 to give away to lucky readers! Available from 2 March, the DVDs feature Idris Elba, seen below in Luther itself and also promoting Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege. To enter to win one

A Swiss retailer today suggests the next Battlefield title will be set within World War I. World of Games says Battlefield 5 will be a “multiplayer tactical shooter in the First World War.” The retailer’s listing, now removed, also suggests the game will

Ben, Shane and Steve are back this week with all the news that’s worth talking about. Here’s what’s on this week’s show: Far Cry: Primal: 12.09 Pokémon Sun and Moon: 34.03 Alan Wake Returns: 47.52 Half-Life 3 confirmed: 1.05.43 Assassin’s

Sony has filed a trio of patents for a glove-based controller system that appears to work in tandem with PlayStation VR. NeoGAF user Rösti discovered the filings, which details a glove with a finger-tracking flex sensor, contact sensor and more. Data

Nintendo’s released two parts of a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess retrospective, and we’ve got them both here for you to watch. Without further adieu: Nice, right? The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess heads to Wii U on 5 March.

Superhot will receive a VR version after work on its Xbox One release has been completed, it’s been revealed. The news was made over on the Superhot Kickstarter page. “Also in the meantime we are constantly working on the Xbox One

Firewatch developer Campo Santo took to its blog today to offer up hi-resolution, printable copies of its in-game map. You can head here to grab a map in a textured or clean form. Firewatch is available on Windows PC and PS4.

Minecraft on Wii U is now equal to its Xbox 360 release thanks to a new patch. The patch brings myriad new items, which are all detailed here. Minecraft was released on Wii U late last year.

Those of us who’ve tried to use Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad headphones with the Xbox One Elite wireless controller have quickly realised it doesn’t work — a nasty buzzing sound fills your ears almost instantly when you plug ’em

Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow were all released to the 3DS Virtual Console over the weekend, and we’ve got a launch trailer for each title to celebrate. Check ’em out below: Have you grabbed a game yet from the eShop?

Bandai Namco and GameStop today advised that Slashy Souls, a mobile game inspired by Dark Souls III, is now available on iOS and Android. The free title is presented as a 16-bit side-scrolling adventure. You can check it out below: Nice, right? The title is available on

Capcom today took to the Capcom Unity blog to provide an update on Street Fighter V rage quitting. “We are working on a permanent solution to this problem, though we don’t have an exact date to share with you at the

Last night’s Pokémon Direct confirmed that the Pokémon Bank will support recently re-released Virtual Console titles Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow alongside the newly announced Sun and Moon. An exact date for the support was not given, but it will happen before the release of

Didn’t stay up for last night’s Pokémon Direct? We’ve got it here for you, in full. Don’t get up and grab a coffee as you hit play — its only six minutes long. So, Pokémon Sun and Moon, eh?