Sega and Pokémon’s Game Freak collaborating on game

Sega and Pokémon’s Game Freak collaborating on game

6 March 2015

Sega posted a teaser to Twitter today, hinting of a collaboration between itself and Game Freak.

Game Freak is the developer behind Pokémonbut is in fact independent and not owned by Nintendo. While this mean the project with Sega could appear on other (non-Nintendo) platforms, Sega’s cosying up with Nintendo in recent years, points to a release on a Nintendo platform.

The tweet in question is below;

The image features an elephant’s trunk, peanuts, a grenade and an elephant’s rear end. While nothing immediately springs to mind, the tease could perhaps be hinting at a return for 1992 Mega Drive game Rolo to the Rescue.



Rolo to the Rescue was a platformer that saw that titular Rolo trying to rescue his mother from the circus. It was included in the James Pond franchise. The original was published by EA, so all of this is merely wild conjecture. The project is likely something else altogether.

We’ll find out 11 March according to the tweet. What do you think?